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All about mathematics papers and how to write them

07 Apr 2016
The study of mathematics became extremely popular since Aristotle times when he provided the world with the first definition of this study and defined it as the study of the quantity. Later on, this definition was distended by such prolific and illustrious scientists and in particular mathematicians as Pythagoras, August Comte, Peirce, Russel etc. This branch of study involves space, structure, quantity, change. Patterns are of the primary importance when we talk about finding new conjectures.

At first glance, it may seem strange why you need to write papers with long explanations at maths class. If you aim at the stars and want to contribute to the common knowledge and good, you are supposed to write in order to comprehensibly communicate your ideas to the others. Mathematics is all about writing in order to save all the accounts and also to help people understand this science better. In addition, the writing will help you to understand some concepts better by reiterating them and using different kinds of memory as kinetics, visual memory etc. To have the general idea of the structure of the paper look through Edexcel mathematics past papers. In reality, BGCSE past papers mathematics will also do as well as papers on other subjects like medical papers.

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Structure of the mathematics paper

  1. The title. The title is an informative and concise representation of the subject matter of the college essay. Stick to the rule of the thumb: no more than 10 words in the title of the academic paper. It shouldn't perplex the audience. Some ready-made math paper titles will help you to get the idea about how to create your own title.
  2. The Introduction. Some adhere to the rule to write introduction at the very end of the process of the research, some still start their survey with the introduction but, anyway, return to it many times. Here you should state a thesis statement, the purpose of the work and additional background information. Try not to insert too many formulas at the very beginning of the paper. That may seem to be too overwhelming.
  3. Body. Here you convey ideas that support your thesis statement. In the body, you will refer to many formulas and theorems. If you make use of the abbreviations always explain them to the reader. Make coherent tables and put the statistical and quantitative information there in order to keep your paper neat and brief. Number your equations, theorems, formulas to relate to them in the text without unnecessary reiteration. Explain your ways of analysis by providing the audience with the methods and literature you used while conduction your research or explaining a theorem or anything else that your paper is connected with.
  4. Conclusion. Here summarize the whole paper and then give some ideas for further research in this sphere. Refer to the thesis statement and the purposes stated in the beginning of the college paper. State some shortcomings of the research and its strong sides.

Tip! Always entwine a historical context into the work and relate your findings to the outcomes of other scientists.

Some possible topics for the academic paper in mathematics

Read a reflection paper on the math of some student to get a feedback concerning some topics and then choose the topic of your own. Mathematics past question for JAMB, WAEC, NECO will be a good booster of your imagination.

“Optimal boundary control of heat transfer. Hyperbolic model”
“Algorithms of stabilization of linear systems”
“Unbounded solutions of scalar conservation laws”
“Holomorphic Solutions of Soliton Equations”
“Harmonic analysis of certain classes of linear operators”
“Functional integrals and Burgers-type equations”
“Integral characteristics of conformal mappings”

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