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Creative Essay: Get Emotional, Stay Academic

03 May 2017

Creative essay in terms of academic writing is a nonfiction text that is characterized by the vivid artistic language and the role of an emotional component. It is most often an assignment of Narrative or Descriptive type but can be as well Persuasive or Compare and Contrast work. Creative nonfiction writing becomes popular and is quite a common task for various contests. So, every student faces this challenge quite often. As every academic text, a creative essay has:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Don’t forget about it, writing, say, a bright narrative essay. Your story still should be given structure.

So, how to do it?

Choose a topic you can fully cover.

For this type of writing, it is great if you can show the subject, not just tell about it. It sounds more vivid if you provide examples and stories to state your point of view. This type of essay often implies being personal. So, your personal experience is the great source of inspiration. Belonging to a group or community may provide great material for essays. Make up creative titles for essays about yourself, don’t call them like “My Biggest Loss” or “My Favorite Holiday”. Think of something like “The Door to the Kingdom of Despair” or “Brightly Wrapped Sunshine”, or whatever else. Also, think of some creative essay titles about love: “Mind-blowing Rose of May” or “Little Adult Prince of Mine.” Maybe, it can be your literary experiment with the thoughts or characters of some book, like: “Could Hamlet be a Protagonist in Action Movie Scenario” or “Why Alice in Wonderland is Associated with Drug Culture?” The title has to draw attention and stimulate interest, so avoid boring trite phrases.


You know, that the introductions are very challenging. Sometimes, beginning with such a responsible part may be too pressing and confusing. You try to produce something brilliant at once and get stuck. That’s why if it is too hard to create an introduction that will satisfy you – put it aside for a while and do a main body of the text. After you have your main thought expressed, it may be easier to find the right words for the impressive introduction. The conclusion sums up your creative essay ideas. You can use creative phrases for essay writing and most tropes; don’t forget that in this case, the language should be more picturesque and vivid than usual.


Proofread it!

Take a break and then check your paper with a fresh eye. Have you covered your topic? Have you avoided getting off the point? Are the thoughts expressed logically and comprehensively? Are all the names written right and the references made correctly? Is the research summary full? Don’t forget to check the style, grammar, and punctuation. One of the best tips is to ask a friend to review the work. From the beginning, you know what you wanted to say, but the idea may be put in wrong words or not clear enough. Ensure that you have revealed your thoughts so that everybody understands your point of view. By the way, one of the most helpful tips you can find on how to write a creative essay about yourself is to ask your friend. Talk to him or her, as often the outside-in perspective and your friend’s opinion may give you a bright idea. Go ahead and practice. The creative nonfiction may be a future of literature, as the publishers become more and more interested in it.

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