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Descriptive Essay – Make Me Feel Like I’ve Been There!

03 May 2017


It’s time to develop your artistic skills!

This genre of essay is characterized, as its name suggests, by its aim to provide a description of a given object, event or situation, period, place, person, emotion, etc. The student can show his artistic skills in this genre, as well as in Narrative nonfiction, and paint a vivid image for those who read the text. And the best pieces present not only a visual image but involve all the senses so that we can imagine how the described thing smells, how it feels to the touch, how it sounds and even tastes.

The important elements of this kind of assignment are details. So, it is great to render your experience, not something you have just heard about. If you are writing about something that has happened in the past, rely on your memory. But choosing an object that can be observed in real time gives you an ability to make a precise and detailed description. And if the topic is about something ideal, like your ideal wife or ideal garden, you can combine the features of real women or gardens in your life to write about it.

  • If you choose to write a descriptive essay about a person, you can make an outline from memory, and afterward meet him or her and check what you have missed or add something new and bright, some finishing touches.
  • If your task is to write a descriptive essay on food, it is a great ability to engage all the senses of people who will read the paper. You can read some gourmet cooking magazines to enlarge your active vocabulary in this field and glean beautiful and exact expressions.
  • You may also have an assignment to write a descriptive essay about love, envy, war or another abstract concept. You might be tempted to repeat some well-known things describing the emotions or situations in a general manner. But as it isn’t a lab report or critical analysis, you can write your personal experience with your words.

The stages of work

So, to understand how to write it, let’s consider an example. Say, you have a descriptive essay about some place.


How to start a descriptive essay about a place?

  • First of all, choose a place to write about.
    I would try and find a place where I can go myself rather than one of the seven world miracles which I’ve never seen. It might be just some interesting location or a place where you’ve experienced something special, and it has a peculiar atmosphere.
  • Try to recall this place and write a draft.
    This will make a base of the future work. Some parts may be either used later or excluded from the work, but you make a starting point here.
  • Go there and find some vivid details.
    It can be some color mixture or tints, unusual smells or sounds that are characteristic of it. For example, the smell of jasmine or oak leaves in a park or garden, or the sounds of traffic and lights on the busy street. It might be the dampness of the air near the rivers or the special feel of the soil.
  • Do a research.
    I insist you don’t start with reading about the place you choose. You will be already expecting to see something and might not notice new details, which make your text not so rich and personal. But the research is necessary and can often provide you with additional material.
  • Proceed with writing an essay as usual.
    Create a draft, write all the structure parts – introduction, text body and conclusion. Don’t forget about the soft transition from one paragraph to the other one. This assignment is creative, so you should find colorful phrases that produce an artistic effect.

It can be useful to analyze how the authors of your favorite books are describing the scenery and characters. There are a lot of descriptive writing examples for kids and adults, and sometimes children produce even greater pieces, as they find more fresh and unusual details and comparisons. And, finally, review your work.

The topic of your descriptive essay must be inspiring

Like any other successful paper, your work must have a catchy title. I suggest the list of topics to inspire you to make up your own or use any of the given below:
Describe your Father profession
Your Grandmother's house
Your favorite music masterpiece
Describe yourself for an alien pen pal
A birthday cake for your love
What is your oldest memory?
Your possible tattoos.
Good luck with creating your perfect essay!

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