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How to Write a Strong Argumentative Essay

11 Dec 2016

Knowing the structure and the main information about how to write an argumentative essay is a really useful skill to have. Ability to provide a reader with powerful arguments that will convince him or her to accept your point of view as truth, characterize you as a good researcher, the great user of the language and a person with a strong position. That is why this essay is so popular. Teachers want to make you think about what you say, do not jump to conclusions and be a hundred percent sure about what you say. As far as I know many students have problems with writing this type of college essay, so in this article, we will break down all the points and provide you with some tips for writing.

Start working on a paper - step by step

Be sure that you understand the topic fully.

Do your research, find reliable sources and read as much literature as you can and even more. You need to cover all the aspects of the issue. Be sure that your sources are up-to-date, although you need to read both old and new information because old one gives you the basis for the issue and the new one covers recent trends and changes. Support your thoughts and ideas with quotes.

Choose a side

This type of essay can have only two outcomes - whether you agree with the topic or you disagree. There is no in the middle. For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay on social media, you need to make a deep research about the topic and clearly state that “social media helps people with their jobs and daily lives, hence it is a good thing” or “social media distracts people from doing their work and makes young people addicted to the Internet world, hence it is bad”. But remember. Always base your arguments on facts and support it with evidence.

Select a topic

You need to state whether you agree with the topic or not and persuade your readers that your point of view is right. That is why do not choose topics you cannot argue about. For example, an argumentative essay about smoking. We all know that smoking is harmful and it does no good and this is not arguable. Instead, you can write an argumentative essay on school uniforms. Because this question does not have one answer, some people think that we need to give children a chance for self-expression and this includes clothes as well. Others think that uniforms make children more disciplined and responsible. Also, an argumentative essay on education will be interesting as well. Because education is a wide topic and you can choose from many sub-topics. For example, should the education be paid or free, should it be obligatory or not and so on and so forth.

Structure the argument

Create an interesting title that will draw readers’ attention. Create an argumentative essay outline and some prompts to make your work easier and more organized. Make a thesis statement, make it clear and strong. Do not make it too broad or vague. You have a topic, you have the aim to make a point, so do it.


Provide readers with some background information and briefly familiarize them with your topic. At the end of the introduction paragraph write your thesis statement.

Main body

Write down the information that supports and contradicts your viewpoint. Support your words with the relevant evidence. Do not leave out any information that brings to challenge your statement, instead give the reader facts about your chosen side and prove that your point is stronger and more logical. Never just say that contradictory facts are just wrong, instead explain why do you think it is wrong, maybe the information is outdated etc. It does not really matter not exactly you will organize your main body because there are many different ways to do it. For example, firstly you can write about your point of view and then about the opposite, or write a paragraph about yours and then contradict it and so on. Although, make sure you are not making a mess and your paragraphs are in a logical order. But what really important is that you will cover every aspect of the issue.


In this section, you need to restate your thesis and persuade the audience in your rectitude. Also, you can give a brief summary of the essay and give your audience a food for thought, maybe about the further investigation of the issue or about the consequences of your statement. Although do not give any new information, you should provide everything in the body paragraph.

Final touch

Take breaks from writing and when you finish leave it for a couple of days and then come back to it, so you can see everything with fresh eyes. It is very helpful because you can see your paper with your readers' eyes, notice some weak points, change something you are not happy about. Make sure that you have included all the researched information. Then proofread your essay, try to find grammar mistakes that make your paper look unprofessional. And, last but not least, check if the formatting of your paper is right, quotes are noted properly and cited works are written according to the format of the paper.

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