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Journal Critique: Your Grounded Professional Opinion

03 May 2017

Journal critique is a type of assignment in which you summarize, assess the arguments and ideas published in an academic source, and respond to them. You should find out what are the strengths and shortcomings of an article and demonstrate your academic achievements by showing your knowledge and understanding of the particular scientific sphere. This type of assignment is often given to the students to evaluate their ability of independent and reasonable analysis. Also, it helps students to develop the technique of journal critique which is essential for the post-graduate study. So, it is important to know how to write it.

The Structure

The assignment of this type includes:

  • Introduction
  • A synopsis of the article
  • A critique itself: the student’s opinion.
  • Conclusion
  • References

How To Write A Journal Critique

How to Start?

First of all, look through the given article. Then read it carefully. You can use this list of observations to complete your assignment. First, identify the title, the author’s name, the journal where the article was published, and the publication date. Also, describe the theoretical framework of the study. Analyze the title: write whether it is unique and whether it reflects the author’s insights. What does it show? Does it catch attention? Maybe, you can offer a better title and explain, why it is better. Indicate the problem of the investigation. Is it clearly stated? What is the purpose of the research? Did the author offer a new hypothesis, a new point of view, or did he defend/overthrow a certain theory that existed earlier? Maybe, he agreed with an existing idea but qualified its particular aspects. Or he could compare two theories to find innovative decisions. Look for this information in the Introduction.

The Main Points

The research study critique can be organized according to the structure of the article under consideration. Examine any journal article critique example to get the idea of how the headings help to structure the paper.

  • Briefly describe the literature review and the background the author provided.
  • What are the Methods of the research? Why has the author chosen these methods, did he suggest any innovative techniques, are there any other ways to gather the required data? Are there something particularly important in the procedures, the instruments of investigation, and the data analysis process?
  • How did the author interpret the data relating to the problem he stated? It can be found in Discussion section.
  • Write about the structure of the work, the connection of separate parts, the logical flow and its accordance to the current scientific discourse. Evaluate the writing style of the researcher.
  • Access the article contribution to the investigation of a stated problem, new facts or new techniques provided, an innovative understanding of certain points. A psychology article critique sample can also include the cultural significance of the research. Mention if the author's findings refuse or support other scholars’ interpretations and observations.
  • According to the scholarly standards, your critical opinion should always be backed up with the evidence and argumentation.
  • Try and provide enough information for the reader who hasn't look through the original work, although usually it is required to attach a copy of the article to your assignment.
  • In the Conclusion paragraph, sum up the shortcomings and strengths of the study and its influence on the advancement of the science.


Check The Details

Surely, the “must have” components of the analysis depend on the academic source under consideration. If you write about an article from New German Critique journal, which publishes investigations in the field of German Study and focuses on the social science and humanities, the main points of your essay will be completely different from a review of Journal of Natural Science publication. The Natural Science imply such peculiar aspects, as the possibility to explain the results of the investigation by another hypothesis or theory, or the possible mistakes in the calculations. Journal critique format depends on the article type and research area. For example, the works related to behavioral or social sciences commonly are passed in APA style. But Chicago/Turabian or MLA can also be used. It is defined by the tutor or might be found in the critique journal article example. Journal critique writing helps you develop not only your academic reading and writing skills but also your research skills. You understand what mistakes can be made in such work and how to avoid them, and you get familiar with evaluation criteria of your future study.

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