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Your personal guide towards an exquisite Shakespeare essay

07 Apr 2016
A lot was written concerning Shakespeare, in particular, his works and personality. And still this prolific writer bothers the mind of contemporary scientists and literature critics. Despite being a playwriter, Shakespeare is considered to be an illustrious poet and actor that deserves much attention from the literary perspective. Many students ask the question: is Shakespeare still relevant today essay. The apparent response is yes! Loads of disputes were triggered by whether Shakespeare himself had written all the existing works that are so popular today. The obvious fact that he had never traveled outside England and had not obtained higher education aroused the interest of diverse scientists and literary critics trying to shed the light on the great mystery of Shakespearean talent.

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How to write an essay on Shakespeare?

An essay about Shakespearean talent as any other common academic essay needs to follow a certain pattern and structure that is vital in order to be well-structured and have a high grade. The ordinary essay scheme is as follows:

  • Introduction. The first paragraph is typically the one that gives an insight into the whole essay and presents a reader with a thesis statement that should be arguable. Put a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph to catch reader's attention. You may also insert some background information, especially a historical one. Always try to juxtapose the implications in the text and the century during which it was written.
  • Body. The bulkiest section is the body one because it consists of three paragraphs, each of them gives arguments and proofs supporting or opposing your thesis statement. How to quote Shakespeare in an essay? Provide examples from Shakespearean plays, sonnets to support the thesis. Restrain from quoting long passages because it is unnecessary and will take a lot of space in the college essay that is supposed to be brief but informative. It is better to summarize main points of the text that you are interpreting.
  • Conclusion. The conclusion section is basically the core become it reverberates with the introduction and summarizes your private opinion and the main aim of the essay. Sometimes people read conclusion first to get a general idea about the whole paper. Use cliché phrases to make the essay more coherent. The conclusion, for example, should end with the discourse markers like: to conclude, in conclusion, taking into consideration the above-mentioned etc.

To have a better idea of the structure of the essay, look through other papers, even mathematics papers will do! Sift through some thesis statement, compare them and approach your work in an extremely critical manner.

What to write about in essays on Shakespeare?

The literary heritage of the Shakespearean genius is quite vast that is why do not be puzzled when you need to chose the topic. The total amount of works is the following – 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and 3 epitaphs. The list of the plays encompass both tragedies and comedies as well as tragicomedies that were written at the end of the prolific work of the author.

Here are several Shakespeare essay topics that may give you an impetus towards the topic of your own.

“The essence of the Shakespeare question”
“What is the novelty and originality of Shakespeare's sonnets”
“Specificity of the Renaissance drama (using examples from Shakespearean plays)”
“Are the characters and situations typical in Shakespearean plays?”
“Way of creative work by Shakespeare: a path from "The Comedy of Errors" to the play "Midsummer Night's Dream"
"Shakespeare Macbeth essay on the opposition of the characters"

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