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Is Banning Homework a Good Idea? Most Definitely!

30 Dec 2015

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Top Crazy University Traditions from Around the World

04 Dec 2015

Many consider the best memories of student years those associated with the traditions of the institution, with the most original and unusual. Traditions give students the opportunity to unite, have fun and do things that in real life they do not allow themselves. But there are so extravagant, immoral entertainment activities among the traditions that often lead to violation of the law and impede learning.

Despite everything, the traditions of the universities promote the unification, enable to develop the spirit of oneness among students. And the longer they exist, the crazier they become, for example, like these ten students' habits.

University of St Andrews: Raisin Weekend

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Reasons Why Students Quit Studies

27 Nov 2015

Ironically, even the Ministry of Education perplexed why students quit their studies, depriving themselves of the opportunity to get higher education. Why is this happening: becoming a freshman, somehow loses interest in learning and further perspectives.

It is hard to answer this question, because not easy to understand other people's motives. But it is possible to identify the main reasons, which impel students to quit college or university.

First Year of Study

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Guidance for Graduates from Successful Individuals

19 Nov 2015

In American universities, there is a good tradition before receiving a diploma, graduates listen to the latest guidance from experts in various fields, scientists and even celebrities.
Presented here inspirational speeches will be useful to each of us.

Steve Jobs
The creator of the Apple

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Books That Changed the Lives of Great People

17 Nov 2015

One book, read at the right time can have an incredible effect on a person's life. And there are many examples.

We gathered for you few truly amazing stories about how a book influenced the lives of famous personalities. And how this helped them change science, culture and economy of the world. Once again, we see that power of the written word can have an impact that should not be underestimated. Who knows, maybe, one of these books will change your life too, or at the very least, you will gain priceless knowledge, and improve your own perspective on life, society and values. A nice bargain, isn’t it? We believe that these books will be equally useful for students, as well as professors, as well as any person who wants to change his or her life for the better.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
"The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka

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