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Article Review: Feel A Part Of The Scientific Community

03 May 2017

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An article review is an academic writing piece that gives the summary and the evaluation of the article. It means the students have to assess the relevance of the given piece, strengths and weaknesses of its content, and not just to tell whether they like it or not. It is important to show that you are able to understand and evaluate the article in the context of the particular field of study, realize how valuable it is in the corresponding field, and compare it to your own knowledge and position. The language strategies of the writing are as important as its content.

For example, if you review article on diabetes, you have to:

  • show that you understood the topic, the author's arguments and point of view;
  • demonstrate that you are familiar with the trends in diabetes treatment in general and know whether this research is relevant and practically valuable;
  • express your opinion on the author’s investigation;
  • use both specific to medicine and general scientific terminology;

The students often get this assignment to take a closer look at the real academic life and try to act as the experts. It is an important experience.

How To Write This Assignment?

Carefully read the given issue. In order to absorb the information, you should read it several times, starting with simple skimming without writing down anything, and ending with careful study of each paragraph. Note new phrases and issues while you read. Then proceed to your assignment. How to title an article review? Your title can include an original article title as its part, or paraphrase it. If you write about an investigation called “Feminist philosophers today,” your assignment title may be “The Analysis of N.Xwell’s Feminist philosophers today.” But it is better to invent some intriguing name, that shows more of your opinion on the work under discussion, like: “Feminist philosophers: are they really envy?”

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Provide a complete bibliographic reference for the work below the heading of your assignment. Write about the background of the study. Indicate the author’s thesis. Explain the methods the author used and the key points or the results of the research. Use your words rather than quotations. You can use the evaluative expressions from the start of the text, combining the summarizing with the evaluating of its relevance. For example, if you rightly mention that authors research methods are innovative or collected data is rare, you will show the knowledge within the discipline. Express your opinion on how important the topic is, and how well the subject is covered. Indicate, if the conclusion is really derived from the data, if the generalizations are justified, how the future investigations of the topic could be improved. It is especially relevant for a case study review.


Don’t write in the first person or informal style; Don’t make personal statements and write that the article is good or bad; Don’t try and write about each paragraph – you should cover the main points only; Don’t write the summaries instead of reviews or critiques.

The Tips

Article review writing depends on how diligently you are reading. So, try and find some guidelines on the academic reading. It might be useful to note specific expressions and clichés as you are reading the scientific literature and use it later in your work. Look through several examples of journal article reviews. The samples commented by the tutors can be especially useful. There is another academic writing type which is also called review article. The available scientific review article example may be very good to understand the state of the topic at the moment. You get the information about relevant studies, but no analysis and no new facts there. It is important not to mix these two assignments. Remember that this kind of assignments is important for getting ready for the academic career. The peer reviewed journals are considered very beneficial for the academic development. So, in your future academic career, you will be undoubtedly checking the database of such journals and make attempts to get published in one of them; you’ll be asked to write about the research of your peer one day. This experience can be a valuable point in any admission essay of yours.

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