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Biology papers

17 Mar 2016
Despite the fact that biology is an eclectic discipline, there are common unifying concepts that unite all the subdisciplines. Biological studies are very broad and versatile, they touch upon the life of diverse organisms, their evolution, development, functions, growth, distribution and what not. If you are a future biologist you are lucky to have a wide range of topics to choose from. You may go for molecular biology which is concerned with tiny activities and operations happening inside cells like biosynthesis, interactions of DNA, RNA, proteins, fats etc. There are also such disciplines like cellular biology, biochemistry and even more. Depending on your main specialization, you are supposed to concentrate your attention on one field and then investigate it.

How to write biology research papers

  • Be prepared to investigate the topic inside and out. Read various literature to be sure about the thing you are going to describe. You need to be well-versed to make your paper sound professional and true.
  • Organize all the data, figures into diagrams and tables. This will be an additional material for your research paper.
  • Do not use direct quotes! Instead, paraphrase them and make your own comments concerning this or that point of view. If you quote all the authors you have read your work will be estimated as a plagiarized one.
  • Place the main idea and information at the beginning of each paragraph. It will catch reader's attention and give a brief outline of what is going to be discussed.
  • Identify and clarify all the hard terms for the reader that possesses only general knowledge of the subject but is not familiar with your topic.
  • To make structure more coherent look through some GCSE biology past papers, past A-level biology papers and even works on other topics like psychology papers, physics papers etc.
  • To make up your mind concerning the questions you want to highlight in the survey, you may sift through biology exam papers, where you will find tons of thought – provoking issues to discuss.

Structure for the research paper for biology

  1. Abstract. Though this part goes first, it should be completed at the very end of the research. It gives the basic idea of your survey, providing the reader with your motivation, aims, results and conclusion.
  2. Introduction. The introduction part begins with the thesis statement that gives an insight into the topic of your scientific paper. Later on, you are supposed to set the goals for your research and provide some general background information on the topic of the paper.
  3. Literature. It is obvious that your investigation will not be the first in this field and it needs to be backed by the theoretical base and other research. Here you mention all the cited literature and sources in your investigation.
  4. Methods. In biology, it is important to mention both qualitative and quantitative methods that will help you to obtain some outcomes.
  5. Results. The section, stating results, is a core because here lies the final result of your calculations and experiments. In this part, you are not supposed to dwell on the significance of these results and their interpretation.
  6. Discussion. In the discussion part, accentuate the importance of the results and their interpretation. You also need to state all the positive sides and weaknesses of the survey and set a question for future investigations.
  7. Conclusion. Here summarize all the main points of the work, results and tell whether the aims (stated in the introduction) were achieved or not.

Good topics for biology research papers

“Patterns of growth and energy metabolism in the ontogeny of mollusks”
“The usage of cyanobacteria in agricultural biotechnology”
“Mechanisms of mammalian behavior: the role of stress and environmental uncertainty”
“Biological value of some medicinal and forage plants of The Central America”

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