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How to Write a Better Book Review

21 Dec 2016

Comparing different types of essays, book review seems to be the easiest one. But is that so for real? When you take a closer look to it, a lot of questions pop up, like what is a review, how to write a book review college paper, is there any special way to write it and so on and so forth. This is a very popular assignment because students read a lot of literature and teachers want them to learn to analyze it, not just read the plain text. That is why in this article I will try to break it down for you all so you will be able to make the best review in your class.

Let us start from the general information. Using simple words, a book review is a general information about the work that includes your personal opinions and thoughts. The paper consists of the introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs.

In the introduction tell the reader what this book is about, but try not to give out any spoilers. Provide some interesting facts about the author, why did he or she decide to write it, why did he or she chose this exact theme.

In the body paragraph, you need to dig deeper. Talk about the main characters, characterize them and summarize the story giving your personal comments.

In conclusion, you need to give your recommendation, whether this it is worth reading or not, and who will most likely to enjoy it, but do not forget to support your thoughts with objective commentary, quotes and any other kind of proof. Also, remember to cite the literature you have used for writing.

         Book review worksheet step-by-step

  1. Pick a work you are going to write about (if you were not assigned one). I, personally, like to write about utopian/dystopian fiction or, maybe, children’s literature. My last favorite ones were The Giver book review and the Alice in Wonderland book review. Because in such kinds of literature you have a broader field for your own interpretation and evaluation of the plot. Some people, on the other hand, love to write about classics, like Pride and Prejudice or even The Book of Mormon review. Be sure to pick a book you are really interested in and you really understand it.
  2. Read the text from the beginning to the end. Make as many notes as you like and even more. Believe me, you will need them later. Write down your feelings about certain situations, your thoughts and, of course, the quotes to back it up.
  3. When you have formed your own opinion on the plot, take a look at some famous critique works to see what has already been said and whether you agree with their thoughts or not.
  4. Make a plan and start writing.

Also, if you need any kind of help, if you are not sure about something, whether it is a question about the structure of the essay or the book itself, please, contact your teachers, ask for examples. I know that you want to show everyone that you are independent and you have done everything on your own. But if you want to have a good paper, do not try to guess what it is because it might spoil everything.


Usually reviews are written in present tense but if you decided to write it in past tense, do not mix tenses, stick to the one. Also, when summarizing the plot, make sure not to give everything out because most of your readers are interested in reading it themselves. Make sure to analyze the story, try to see beyond the surface. And make your essay full, find information about the author and his thoughts about the book, what inspired him and some other interesting facts. When writing a scholarly book review, be sure to evaluate the issues and methods discussed.

Let us sum up everything that was said in a table that consists of the main Do’s and Don’ts.



Do Not

Do use other people’s works (critiques) to help you with your paper.

Do NOT form your opinion on some other works. It is highly important that the review will be made of your own personal thoughts.

Do be objective and always support your thoughts with quotes.

Do NOT be afraid of stating your opinion, even though it might be negative. It is your idea and you have all rights to express it.

Do use expressive words. The more unique your paper is, the better.

Do NOT use informal language, slang or bad language.

Do include quotes to support your thoughts.

Do NOT use long quotes, make them short but relatable.


         Now, when you have familiarized yourself with our digest, you are ready to go, pick a book and write the best review you have ever written! Don't forget that you can always use an essay writing service for writing a book review for you.

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