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Chemistry Papers: how to write a chemistry research paper

17 Mar 2016

This guide aims at helping students to master the rules and principles of a research paper. We will help you to choose chemistry topics for paper unless you were provided with them in the class.

Writing a chemistry paper looks like writing any other research paper but it requires a great deal of data and realization of laboratory experiments. The combination of a good literature list (mostly compiled from primary sources) that will provide you with the theoretical basis for your work and successful laboratory experiments will give you the highest possible grade.

Tips for completing a paper in chemistry

  • Especially chemistry papers should be fulfilled in the passive voice.
  • All the abbreviations, acronyms must be clearly defined and explained when they are used for the first time. Not all the readers (even professionals) know all the existing abbreviations and acronyms.
  • Every table or graph that is included in the paper must be referenced.
  • The text should be logically constructed. The reader should follow your thought without being stuck at any unclear places.
  • Sift through the Journal of Biological Chemistry that will give you the idea of the structure of the paper, required style and restrictions while completing your work.
  • All kinds of academic paper like geography papers, health papers can give you a hint of how to structure your paper.

Mistakes to avoid!

  • Using the colloquial style of speech. It encompasses slang words, contractions etc. IGCSE chemistry past papers may help you to form appropriate style.
  • Digressions from the main topic. This happens when students choose rather a general topic and cannot cover it.
  • No connection between tables, figures, graphs and literature cited, personal input.
  • Grammar, spelling and stylistic mistakes. That is why you need to reread your work several times.
  • Repetition and reiteration of the same idea and conclusion.

Possible structure of the chemistry paper

  1. Introduction. This part should include hypothesis, background knowledge of the theme and existing research. Present the audience with the aims that you want to achieve when you finish your survey. The introduction section must engage the reader and persuade that they need to read your paper up to the end.
  2. Experimental section. This part of the research paper is the most profound one and detailed because here you explain how you have done your chemistry experiment step by step, what methods you used and theories elaborated by other scientists.
  3. Results section. Here you should have pure results that can be presented in graphs and tables.
  4. Discussion section. In the discussion section, the focus should be placed on the interpretation of the obtained results. Demonstrate how your outcomes back your hypothesis. Tell the reader what is the novelty of the research, how it is important.
  5. Conclusion. The conclusion is a brief summary of the paper that gives insight into “a little bit” of the whole research. Restate thesis statement (your hypothesis), point out all the necessary and important ideas and results of your survey. Evaluate your experiment in terms of its novelty and importance.
  6. List of references. State all non-original sources cited and used in the paper.

Chemistry topics for research papers

Analytical chemistry:
“Determination of cadmium, lead and copper by stripping coulometry on printed electrodes”
“Inversion coulometry and its analytical capabilities”
Bioorganic chemistry:
“Alkaloids of the plant Delphinium uralense Nevski”
“Acyclic nucleoside analogues and derivatives of amphiphilic”
Organic chemistry research papers:
“New methods of synthesis and functioning of vinyl tetrazoles”
“Synthesis of some derivatives of usnic acid”

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