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Comparative Essay: Go Deep Into The Nature of The Things

03 May 2017
A comparative essay is a type of assignment which implies a comparison of at least two objects, situations, events, texts, personalities, theories, etc. English comparative essay is a type of assignment known to everybody, this kind of question often comes up in law, literature, historical studies, etc. So, the students of all the specialties should understand how to write A+ compare/contrast essay.

What to investigate?

Choose two things that have important similar and contrast features. If you decide to describe, say, American and Ancient China food you might find a lot of differences and no similarities at all, except that it is necessary for people to stay alive. But it is a universal feature of human nature, not something specific for American and Chinese nourishment. Or you start writing a comparative analysis of the cultures of two small towns where you have lived and see that they have very much in common, and only the small details differ. It is more interesting to compare a small town to a big city, or two small towns in different counties. The comparative essay of Mesopotamia and Egypt provides more space for your thought flow than of Egypt and Scotland. For a comparative literature essay, the basis may be provided in the assignment sheet and may be left to your discretion. The essay question may be to rival, for example, Discworld series of Terry Pratchett and Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, you are free to write about all the aspects you want. You can write it in the form of a book report. But if you are asked to analyze The Unseen University by Terry Pratchett and Hogwarts by J. K. Rowling don’t get distracted and write about the individual style of each writer, or the books’ characters. The comparative essay on Coke and Pepsi also might intend comparing the beverages tastes and ingredients, the brands, the company’s history of success, and even our attitude towards each of them.

The process
  • Write the characteristics, describing each of the objects, situations or whatever you have chosen individually;
  • At first, list their important features;
  • Now, parallel them and find the similarities and differences;
  • Organize the information into the essay.

The information in a compare and contrast paper can be organized in two ways.

Way #1. Place the list of the first subject’s differences, then the similarities, and then the list of a second subject peculiarities.

Way #2. Arrange the comparison according to each of different or similar characteristics, put the description of each trait in я separate paragraph. If you are describing, for example, two social networking services, you can put the information down this way:

  • Way 1.
    Facebook is unique as it...
    Facebook and Twitter are alike because:
    Twitter is special as it...
  • Way 2.
    The year of founding:
    Pinterest – 2010, Instagram – 2010
    The demographics:
    Both sites demographics And so on.

You’ll see that the process of comparison helps you to investigate those things more profoundly. The ability to match/parallel will help you in your further academic and non-academic life. For example, for a grant proposal, it is essential to find and point out the advantages of your project compared to other candidates. It is also a skill for creating the business proposal and marketing strategy.

The catchiest part - title

Topic ideas depend on your subject. It is always good to find a topic that

  • is either well known to you or you can gather all the information easily;
  • is relevant to modern life and its problems;
  • can be used in further investigations.

If you’ve experienced a lack of ideas, here are a few examples: X Government vs. Y Government A book vs. its screen version X genre of music/literature/art vs. Y genre of music/literature/art X theory/concept vs. Y theory/concept X period fashion vs. Y period fashion


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