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17 Mar 2016
Computer science research paper topics vary according to the division on theoretical and practical approaches. They deal with application and processing of computational information, computational systems design, methodical algorithms etc. It is closely interlinked with mathematics, engineering, linguistics etc. You may focus on either theory or practice, but it is better to combine both parts. In addition, it is not enough to describe a new system, application or technique. You need to explain it in detail, using methodological strategies and scientific approaches. Always present your thesis statement with the advantages of the system/approach you have chosen. Explain why you have chosen particularly this topic and subject of the survey. The readers must understand the importance and relevance of the focus of your attention.

Because this is computer science, you are supposed to mention these criteria while describing and analyzing the subject of your research: its efficiency, dependability,  usability, maintainability etc. This will help especially professional readers to evaluate and compare your choice of the subject with other options.

Every paragraph you present has to be complete, understandable, clear and thought-provoking. This means it must carry the central idea and answer the question, otherwise, it will be redundant in your paper. Each paragraph should start with a  topic sentence.

It is advisable to take only a narrow topic, not to give too general information and to make lots of digressions.

To chose computer topics for research paper, you may turn to diverse paper presentation topics for computer science students to have a general idea of the topics that already exist.

Make a coherent structure of the paper. It will make easier for the reader to follow your thought in a logical manner. To get an understanding of the common structure of research papers, sift through social studies papers, technology paper, engineering papers etc.

Structure of the research paper

  1. Abstract. In the abstract part, you are supposed to give a basic and brief (1 paragraph = 300-400 words) outline of the whole work that is why, start writing it at the very end of the research. It should state thesis statement (hypothesis), restate key points of the paper and summarize its contribution.
  2. Introduction. States the thesis statement which directs your survey. Moreover, here you need to state the main purposes of the work and it is also possible to insert some basic background information concerning your topic.
  3. Literature. Present the literature sources used in your paper and define what are the adverse opinions concerning your point of view, draw the line between works by different authors. What food for thought  do these works give us?
  4. Methodology.  Methods you describe and present to the audience will give proof to your results. Here you need to go in detail and describe the process of obtaining these or that conclusions and outcomes. Underline the application and implementation of the technique you used.
  5. Results. Write down the pure results without their explanation and interpretation.
  6. Discussion. This section provides more free space for your thought and expression. You may evaluate your findings and results presented in the previous section. State the drawbacks and positive sides of your research.
  7. Conclusion. Restate thesis statement. Tell whether your purposes were achieved or not. State the importance of your work and suggest possible directions for future research in this field of computer science. You may even decide upon new research paper topics in computer science connected with the subject of your investigation.

List of topics for research paper in computer science

“Development of methods of designing and implementing the behavior of software systems based on the automatic approach”
“Verification of automatic programs in the context of asynchronous programming”
“Computer technologies as the factor of intellectual and creative development of the personality”
“The methods of development of custom interface”

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