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Criminology papers

17 Mar 2016
To get a degree in criminological studies, you are obliged to complete a fully-fledged thesis on this study, paying close attention to the psychological, sociological sides of the question for criminology is a multidisciplinary study. The problems and questions you are going to discuss will deal with causes, motives, control, consequences of social and individual crimes. The scientific field of criminology is diverse. Your professor may assign you to concentrate on one of the related type of a crime like political crime, public order crime, organized crimes etc. To fulfill your paper and be sure to get a high grade, you are supposed to be well-versed in this field, to know the essence of criminal procedures, psychological motivation to cause crimes, schools, theories and approaches towards perception and investigation of crimes and concepts of law. To know the topic inside and out look through criminal justice papers and criminology paper example adjacent to the topic of your choice.

How to write a criminology paper

  • Firstly, you need to choose the topic. It must challenge both you and the target audience. Sift through criminal psychology research paper topics, topics connected with other aspects of criminology, criminology past papers to tailor the topic of your own. You should accentuate only a narrow aspect in order not to be too general and chaotic.
  • The second step will consist of finding appropriate information concerning your topic. Surf the Internet, go to the library, encyclopedia Britannica. Choose reliable primary sources. A good advice is to use web-sites of governmental organizations,  educational institutions, libraries, non-profit organizations and not students' essays or answers on blog web-sites.
  • Formulate your thesis statement. It should be well-shaped to unwrap the topic of your paper and give the main idea about it.
  • Make a preliminary outline of your work in detail.
  • Organize and critically approach the information you have found. Distribute all the sources among different parts of your paper.
  • Type and later revise your draft paper.

The —Āommon structure of the criminology research paper

  1. Introduction. This is the place where you should state your thesis statement. In should cover the main idea of the research paper. Your introduction is the face of the whole work. Try to make it engaging and interesting for the reader. Provide some background information about the topic of your research paper. It may be some information about schools of thought, the definition of the crime, subtopics that deal with your focus of attention.
  2. Abstract. The abstract encompasses the main points of the research, including motivation, thesis, aims, ideas, outcomes. It is usually a half page long. The reader looks through it to get the general idea of the presented work before reading it in detail.
  3. Body. The longest part of any research paper is the body. It includes such parts as literature section, methods used, results that you have obtained. Here you state your arguments to back your thesis.
  4. Discussion and Conclusion. Discuss your results and interpret them. State all the weaknesses of the survey and present strong points about it. Restate your thesis and summarize arguments. Inform the audience whether aims were achieved or not. Outline room for future development of the topic.
  5. References. All the cited literature should be mentioned here. Try to avoid mentioning web-sites. Check before doing that.

Criminology research paper topics

Here is a good deal of criminology paper topics.

“Riots perpetrated by inmates in prisons”
“International aspects of combating extremism”
“Preventing incitement to suicide”
“Crimes with two forms of guilt”
“The implication in the crime”
“Countering the illicit production and trafficking of alcoholic beverages”

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