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Education papers

10 Mar 2016
Research papers in education may cover a variety of topics and aspects, from classroom dynamics to drastic changes in the educational systems of different countries. Education issues are of the primary importance, especially for future education specialists, teachers and academicians. Almost every modern country integrates into the European, American networks of schools and colleges. The strong collaboration among countries inevitably leads to the changes in the educational systems of those countries. New trends appear that need to be analyzed and discussed in the broader context.

At first glance, to complete a paper on education may seem rather a simple task but if you look closer at the challenge it is obvious that educational field encompasses not only educational strategy and theoretical background but also psychological approaches, social strategies and, first of all, personal understanding of the current trends in the field of education.

Tips for writing a paper on educational

  • Make your ideas clearly understandable. If there are some obscure terms explain them to the audience because not everybody is a connoisseur in education studies.
  • Coherence and sequence are a backbone of your work! Work out a sequence of locally placed and elaborated paragraphs so that the reader can easily skim through your work.
  • Support your thesis with strong arguments using data to give it credence.
  • Critically approach not only other sources but your work as well.
  • Try not to mix ideas in one paragraph.
  • To have an idea of how education paper should look like, you can skim through reflection paper about education, paper on philosophy of education or other related topics. You can also use some ideas concerning structure from nursing papers, psychology papers.

Structure of the education paper

  1. Abstract. The abstract part is usually optional. It should be written at the very end of your research when you have already analyzed necessary materials and got the results. The abstract should encompass the essence of your paper (theme, approaches, outcomes, novelty, significance).
  2. Introduction. Here you are supposed to state problem/question/thesis/counter-argument. This should be explicitly stated without any digressions. The audience must understand what your topic is about. The first two sentences should be engaging and thought-provoking to make the reader be interested in reading it to the end.
  3. Body. The bulkiest part of the research paper where you explicitly mention the literature your research is based on, qualitative and quantitative methods you used, step by step describe the process of your analysis. It is advisable to introduce graphs, tables, lists, data from education white paper to represent relevant data in a coherent way.
  4. Discussion and Conclusion. Discussion section shows how critically you assess your survey as well as the effectiveness of outcomes you got. In the discussion section have some time to mention all the disadvantages and advantages of your research, tell whether you made a contribution to the development of this topic. The conclusion basically underscores what all the points, stages of the survey and results mean. It summarizes in a brief manner (not more than 2 pages).
  5. Appendices. This part will be definitely useful for an educated reader to understand the topic better and have additional information concerning new trends in the field of education studies. The education paper may have several such parts.

Education paper topics

“Personality-oriented physical education in institutions of higher education”

“Variability of technological education students as a means of their creative development”

“Preparation of students for social partnership in education”

“Formation of administrative competence of the future teacher of primary school”

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