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Engineering papers

16 Mar 2016
Engineering studies are considered to be a versatile branch of science as it has close relationships with sociology, politics, economics etc. Engineering papers are usually focused on the analysis and research in the field of engineering and deal with such questions as how political and social changes influence technology and the profession of engineers all over the world, as well as how these engineering novelties and advances in technology influence social stability and culture. Writing a paper on engineering requires a thorough but interesting and engaging work because you are exposed to the variety of innovative things, history of strong and prolific companies and important information that is the stronghold of people's lives.

How to write engineering papers

  • To complete a fully-fledged work you cannot get without sufficient literature and other sources to be well-versed and well-acquainted with the topic that you are describing and broadening
  • Your work should not be of a descriptive character because this is a research which means you should be innovative in your ideas and methods you use. You are not just stating a fact or describe an engineering process, but analyze and interpret it with a hint of criticism and personal input.
  • Before starting to write a research paper, take advantage of already completed works on relative topic like IEEE research, research papers on civil engineering, history papers, to get the basic idea of the engineering research paper format.
  • Logical structure is of the primary importance. The reader must easily find necessary information in your paper.
  • Keep “juicy” information for the beginning and conclusion.
  • Make sentences as short and informative as possible.
  • One idea should be expressed in one paragraph. Do not mix too many concepts in one paragraph.

Common structure of engineering papers

  1. The abstract. This section precedes the research paper and summarizes all the content of the survey, including targets, results, main stages of the work etc.
  2. The introduction. This is the part where you specify what you are going to do in the next pages. The first sentence usually contains general information and later you make your thesis statement that could be in the form of a question, problem, task etc. In addition, state the aims of your research, the importance of your research.
  3. The methods. In this part of the paper you clearly demonstrate in what way you achieved the results.  You may make several separate sections for this part of a research paper if you made analytical calculations and laboratory experiments.
  4. The results. Here you are supposed to present “raw” results as a collection of data without drawing any conclusions and making implications. Results should be presented in an unbiased and objective way.
  5. The discussion. Here you interpret your results to reach particular conclusions. Tell what is new in your results and findings in comparison to other articles and research. Note whether your findings will be relative for future investigation of this topic.
  6. The conclusion. This section does not present the audience with any new insights concerning the topic of the paper. But it does not mean that you just restate same sentences that were used in your paper. The conclusion is a summary that includes results with their interpretation. Moreover, you should state whether your aims were achieved in the process of analysis and investigation.  This part may be divided into two paragraphs. The first will summarize each part of the paper, the second one – will draw basic core conclusions.

Engineering research paper topics

“Development and research of synthesis of layered laser-reinforced bulk products”

“How political changes influence engineering science?”

“Vent performance to prevent vessel explosion”

“Development of ways to increase the quality of turning with tangential vibration cutting”

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