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Expository essay

09 Mar 2016
The expository essay is a paper that differs from other types of essays by the character of the information it conveys. In the expository essay, you are supposed to develop the topic, to make it clear, define it, and describe the evidence in a brief manner. You do not usually give your personal opinion on the topic of the essay. Nevertheless, an expository essay includes analysis and evaluation of some facts if needed, but only based on real data and evidence. At schools, children are usually thought how to write such type of an essay to be well-prepared to passing STAAR, VCE, SAT tests. Moreover, writing of expository essays is a requirement of almost every profession that is why it is high time you started thinking about it and step by step learning how to do that on a high level.

How to write an expository essay: basic prompts

  • Prepare yourself for writing your essay. Try hard to understand the topic inside and out. Read some examples of already written papers like the critical essay, custom writings, expository essay examples high school etc. In such a way you will have a basic expository essay outline template.
  • If you have no idea what is the topic about use extra sources to find out as much as possible about it.
  • Put your thoughts in as small quantity of words as possible.
  • Figure out your method of conveying the information, it may be analysis, cause and effect, classification, contrast etc.
  • Make up a strong thesis statement that will give insight into the main idea of your expository essay.
  • Topic sentence should start each paragraph.
  • Do not include new information in the conclusion paragraph.
  • Use linking words to make your essay cohesive. These words include “Firstly,…”, “Secondly,…”, “Furthermore,…”, “Conversely,…”, “To conclude,…” etc.
  • Do not try to turn to informal essay or college research papers. The former will puzzle you with its style, the latter – with its length and detailed research.

The structure of the expository essay

  1. Introduction. Start your paper with the phrase that catches reader’s attention. This paragraph must be an effective  hook. It should be connected to the topic of the essay, but ought to be of the general character (general information, question etc.). Make everything clear from the first sentence. It is a part, where your audience should understand your topic from inside and out. In addition, this is the place for the thesis statement.
  2. Body. It usually encompasses three parts but may include more. Topic sentence is a core of each paragraph. It expresses the main its main essence. Then it proceeds with evidence that may be presented in the form of statistics, data, cited quotes, your own experience. You are also supposed to explain this evidence to the reader. Tell why it is important.
  3. Conclusion. This should be presented in a form of the concise summary of your topic, arguments and outcomes. Underline the importance of your analysis/contrast etc.

Expository essay topics

“Explain why girls rather than boys tend to do better at schools”
“Is it true that we tend to play hundreds of social roles each day?”
“What are advantages of having a nuclear family?”
“What is Hamlet’s main tragedy?”
“How love is revealed in the Shakespearean sonnets?”
“Explain your emotions while looking at the painting “Scream” by Munch”


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