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Geography papers

18 Mar 2016
This guideline is aimed at helping students who have chosen a geographical studies faculty to come up with the topic and structure of their geography exam paper or research paper as well. Geography studies are closely connected with such disciplines as sociology, anthropology. It is targeted at understanding the complexities of nature, consistent patterns of geographical distribution of the inhabitants, special analysis etc. It will be both an informative and engaging research that will open new talents in you and will help you to better understand people from different corners of the globe.

A lot of students who face a real challenge of writing their paper in biology ask the question of how to write geography paper. Having gathered some data from AQA GCSE geography past papers, articles, geography A-level past papers, and guides on writing research paper on geography, we offer you a simple and understandable advice to compose your idea in an academic and appropriate paper.

Tips on writing

  • The first step to fulfill your task will be finding a topic that is of the pressing importance that will attract not only professors from your department but also a common reader who is not that knowledgeable about the geographical studies.
  • You need to gather a substantial amount of information to cover and back your ideas.
  • In terms of information, you can search for it on-line via the Internet, go to libraries or order various articles through ILLIAD. Geographical journals are also a good source of investigations and “fresh” information.
  • Develop a good thesis that will pose a problem or a question that will intrigue your target audience.
  • To know the structure and the style of the paper you may turn to papers on different topics such as computer science papers.


  1. Introduction. Provide the reader with the thesis statement that triggers issues that will be covered through your paper. State why you are going to discuss this problem (the importance of the research), you should interest the reader in this part. Include some background information concerning your topic.
  2. Body. The body part will be the longest one. It gives an insight into the way how you conducted your study, which methods you used; it will also provide the reader with the literature review and results of your work. Here you are going to show how you understand the literature. You are supposed not only to paraphrase the main ideas expressed by other authors but also to analyze it and approach it critically, compare main points expressed in literature with your own point of view. Draw lines between several works and make appropriate conclusions. In the part describing methods you used, make two paragraphs to describe qualitative and quantitative ones separately. Results section should be presented with just pure results without their interpretation and conclusions connected with them
  3. Discussion and conclusion. These two sections may be either separate or joined together. Discuss your results, interpret them. Reiterate main points and ideas that you think develop your topic the bet way. Refer to the introduction and tell the audience whether you achieved your aims. Mention the importance of the conducted survey. Finish your work by making new questions and problems for further research and analysis.

Possible topics for geography papers

“Medical and geographical analysis of areas: Mapping, evaluation, forecast”

“Botanical and geographical analysis and mapping of mountain vegetation”

“The interaction of reclamation systems and landscapes”

“Intrusive stratification of oceanic fronts”

“Interpretation of geophysical observations for aversion of tsunami”

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