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Guide to writing a research proposal paper

25 Mar 2016
A lot of students and aspiring researchers have no idea of how their research proposal must look like. A research proposal is basically an outline of your idea of a research project where you describe in detail everything you want to cover in it. You may write a research proposal on employee motivation if you are determined to have decent employment prospects. Research proposals in economics need a very thorough search of the appropriate up-to-date literature. A well-elaborated research proposal will give you the chance to succeed as a prolific and talented researcher and will astonish the Thesis Committee. Research proposal on customer satisfaction is one of the most popular ones. Research proposal of education is also extremely central nowadays taking into account the increase in progressive approaches and techniques towards education. The purpose of any research proposal is to convince the audience that you possess worthwhile intentions and a project that will contribute to the field which you are working in and will be useful for future investigations. Another important point to mention is that a research topic must be up-to-date, connected with the pressing problems or a contemporary approach etc. Include sufficient amount of information to show that you have serious and a well-grounded intention to complete you work from beginning to end. Remember! Even if you have a good and thought-provoking research project, you can fail and run the risk to be rejected. This guide will help you to have a successful research proposal paper. Before starting to complete your proposal look through phd research proposal template on-line to know more about its structure.

A thoroughly fulfilled research paper has to contain these points:

  • The main topic and whether your team need any financial help to complete the project.
  • The significance of the research in the scientific field. What changes and difference it will bring.
  • The steps how you plan to do it.
  • The way you will receive the results.

The proposed structure of the research proposals

  1. Title. The title must be both informative and catchy. You need to predispose people who will make the decision towards your research. Make up a brief title but the one that will cover the whole subject of the research.
  2. Abstract. This part is a concise summary of the survey. It should be not more than half a page long and include the point of the study, methodology, findings. Write it at the end of the whole project planning.
  3. Introduction. This is the main opening paragraph of the research proposal that needs to outline the problem you will explore and a relevant background for it. You should provide both the contemporary and a historical context of the problem. In addition, outline the aims of the research and its boundaries. Provide a strong thesis statement that will be convincing and informative.
  4. Literature review. Describe the literature you are going to use in the research. Thais part will show the committee how you use and integrate the literature into the survey of your own.
  5. Methods. This one of the essential parts for the Thesis Committee because it shows the particular way of how you are going to obtain the results. Show that you are well-aware of both common and alternative methods. This section may encompass tables, graphs to describe all the methods in a more understandable way. This part must be written like a reflective essay, describing all the steps.
  6. Results. It is obvious that you do not possess any results since you have not already fulfilled it. But you should have the basic idea of what kind of results you will get and what approaches will be used.
  7. Discussion. Here tell the audience what is the importance of your proposal without exaggeration. Present both merits and weak sides of the research.
  8. List of references. Be coherent and stick to the rules of the bibliographical data arrangement.  
  9. Personnel. If your team consists of somebody besides you then it is important to present the arrangement activities of each part.  
  10. Budget. If your research requires budget and you are applying to get a financial help then provide all the necessary expenses in detail and the overall budget of the research.

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