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17 Mar 2016
Nowadays healthcare system is developing by leaps and bounds which triggers the appearance of new healthcare equipment, strategies, medicine, approaches, treatments etc. If your purpose is to become a well-qualified doctor, completing a research paper will be a prerequisite for embarking on  this profession. In terms of choosing appropriate health paper topics that you are keen on, it will be a challenging task because there are dozens of branches of health sciences. Your focus should be placed on the specialization of the course you have chosen. The interesting part is that healthcare is an applied branch of science which means it makes use of data, innovations to practice them in the real conditions. While writing your science paper (research paper), you will be supposed to conduct practical research and analysis of the phenomena you will be investigating.

How to write a health paper

  • To start with, you need a substantial amount of data and already conducted researches to make the basis for your own research. You may look through medical journals, encyclopedias, articles and books on general medicine. It is also inevitable that you carry a research of your own.
  • Tables, figures, statistics, diagrams are the foundation of your research paper. Arrange them first of all and then go ahead to interpret them and apply them practically.
  • Despite the fact that the sequence in which the parts of your paper should follow one another is as follows: Abstract, Introduction, Literature, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion, it is better for you to start writing your paper from literature than proceed to methods, results, introduction, discussion and, finally, conclusion.
  • Avoid contractions because everything should be rendered in the academic style.
  • When it is necessary to use a rare and unknown abbreviation, you are supposed to define it at least once.
  • Never overestimate the importance of your findings and results.
  • Every paragraph should be complete and understandable for the reader. Always target at the audience that possesses basic knowledge of the topic you discuss, but is not aware of the subtleties. Use lucid language to achieve the communicative purpose.

The structure of the health paper

  1. Abstract. The abstract is a brief outline of the whole work. It should state the main purpose of the research, main points as well a the results.
  2. Introduction. The Introduction should engage the reader, make them be interested in the topic that you present. It should begin with a thesis statement that outlines the direction of your research the best way. You may also provide some background information about your topic. Moreover, write down all the aims that you are going to reach in your work.
  3. Literature. Literature section provides information about the sources you used while investigating your topic.
  4. Methods. Methodology section will give a clear understanding of how all the outcomes were achieved. You need to persuade the reader that the results are not fake, they are backed with the sufficient amount of information, analysis, practical approach etc. Explain why the subjects of your research became representatives. This section is also where you need to insert your data (diagrams, tables, figures)
  5. Results. Present results without their interpretation. Point out common trends. Do not use tables again. You are supposed just to summarize obtained information.
  6. Discussion. Here is where you analyze and interpret the results.
  7. Conclusion. Here summarize all important information of the study. Restate your thesis statement. Reiterate (but not in detail!) the key points of your paper. Tell whether you achieved your aim or not. Evolve a plan for future research connected with the topic you have already discussed in this paper.

Health topics for research paper

All the topics provided may be taken from different fields of medicine. There can be health care policy analysis paper topics, mental health research paper topics, even ones from criminology papers.

“Methods of improving the planning and organization of medical care”
“Preventable health loss with children that suffer from respiratory diseases”
“The prevalence of medical and social consequences of substance abuse”
“Epidemiology and prevention of tuberculosis”
“The use of X-ray fluorescence analysis in forensic stab injuries”

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