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History papers

10 Mar 2016
Writing history paper may seem to be an overwhelming task. Firstly, because we cannot detect and see with our own eyes what happened in this or that epoch. If some event is already a historical one it means that it has already gone and the only thing we may do in order to submerge into the study of this event is to rely on different sources that give an insight into that period of history. Subjectiveness is the main obstacle while writing a research paper on history. Moreover, you are going to read a lot of diverse literature by authors from all over the globe and choose the best sources to build your paper on.

Some tips on writing history papers

  • Tend not to describe events, you are writing not a short story, instead, make a deep analysis of why things happened, what the prerequisites were, how the strategy of….developed and so on.
  • Search for the rare and old records that are not very widespread and popular. You need to motivate your audience, make it interested in your survey.
  • If you have problems with structuring your paper look at history research paper example to get the main idea of how your paper should look like. You may also turn to art history paper format, history analysis paper example, even philosophy papers.
  • Always compare and juxtapose facts and different patterns, search for similar features and patters for events.
  • Approach skeptically towards your question. Make up questions that can discredit your theory. This will help you to back your thesis with strong arguments and prove that no doubt will disrupt credibility of your survey.
  • Make use of both primary and secondary sources.
  • This is bygone history so write in the past tense.
  • Paraphrase sources, do not make citations all the time.
  • Insert every event in the historical context. This will help you to create an essential background for your topic.
  • Adhere to the formal academic style, avoid slang and “weak” words.
  • Re-read the completed paper to search for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and style.

Structure of the history papers

  1. Choose a strong and engaging title that will help the reader to understand your topic inside and out.
  2. The introduction part is one of the most important ones because some people tend to read just introduction and conclusion. That is why you need to be very concise but informative. State your argumentative thesis and then set objectives for your research. You also need to prove that the topic you discuss is the one of the most burning nowadays and deserves much attention.
  3. The body of your work encompasses literature overview, methodology and your analysis of this or that historical phenomenon. It is obvious that you are not the first person to turn to this topic. Do not hesitate to consult other research, articles, books. Try to paraphrase main ideas expressed in them and draw a line between your views and other scientists' views. In the methodology section dwell on the approaches, you used while discovering your findings and working on your project.
  4. Discussion and conclusion sections.  A lot of students ask how to write a conclusion for a history paper. Here you will get the answer! In the discussion part make clear whether your aims were achieved or not, state all the weaknesses of the research and its strong sides, provide proof that your results are important for the science or at least for the future development of this topic. The conclusion is basically a summary of the whole work. Here you put together all the results achieved and essential points  stated in your work.

History research paper topics

“The first parliamentary reform: discussion in the British press (March-June 1832)”

“Anglo-Irish relations at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries”

“The propaganda battle for Berlin in 1948-1949”

“Parliamentary elections 2004 in Spain”

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