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Inside and out: Medical papers

11 Apr 2016
Research papers and articles are essential in order to become an illustrious doctor in any sphere you want. Your first research university papers will be a stepping stone into the medical care system. Medical workers are the dedicated citizens because they work for the community and sustain a high level of health care in the country. The field of medicine deals with the medical science, diagnosis, prevention a treatment of the patients all over the world. The medical science is closely interlinked with such fields as psychology, virology, biology, economy and even more. The paper may be a college paper on medical ethics or at times a research paper on medical technology.

To write a decent and worthy medical paper, it is not enough to be a top student and to know your subject well. First of all, you should be well aware of the custom essay writing strategies of such papers. The structure should be coherent and the content should fit each of the parts. Study designs also play a vital role in the process of describing the main stages of your research.

Helpful tip that will guide your genius

  • Decide on a topic firstly. It should be specific but quite informative to find the appropriate amount of the information.
  • There are several types of research you can conduct and describe. There are quantitative, qualitative and synthetic research types. The qualitative method helps us to get the in-depth understanding of the question studies by gathering data to describe the process or notion in the medical field of knowledge. The Quantitative one is triggered by the wish to know the numerical data and statistics of deaths, some diseases, ways of treatment, rare cases etc. And, finally, the synthetic type of the research combines both qualitative and quantitative methods and ways of interpreting information.
  • Get to know almost everything about your topic from the library and internet sources that were written not only by the authors from your own country but also by those from abroad to get a wide scope of the question.
  • Medical school papers can also help you in structuring your paper. Sift through some ready made medical research papers examples and articles to have more professionalisms in your lexicon and get more cohesive devices.
  • Reread the paper several times to detect and correct stylistic, grammar, syntactic and spelling mistakes.
  • Adhere to the academic style omitting colloquialisms and jargon.

Structure of the medical papers

  1. Abstract. The abstract gives an insight into the whole paper. It highlights the main parts of the work like methodology, objectives, results that were obtained.
  2. Introduction. In the introduction part be clear to give a scientific background of the research and, of course, provide the thesis statement that will outline your topic and will grab reader's attention. Next, list the objectives of the research that you will pursue.
  3. Methodology. In this section tell the audience in detail the way you carried out the study. Build your stages of the research in a strong sequence.
  4. Results. This part should entirely coincide with the methodology section. Here you can mention all the obstacles of the research, its positive and negative outcomes.
  5. Discussion. Here you are supposed to interpret all the findings, tell the reader what they mean in the context of the subject matter of the research in a clear way.
  6. Conclusion. Summarize all the main points mentioned in the paper,  your outcomes, goals that you achieved.

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Paper topics for medical sociology, health care and more!

«Features of the epidemiology and prevention of tuberculosis among health care workers»
«Gastric and pancreatic secretion of people of different body types»
«ND-YAG laser surgery of the skull»
«Clinico-psychological characteristics of adult patients with celiac disease»
«Fetal and neonatal arrhythmia (clinic, diagnostics, treatment)»
«Constitutional features of the structure of the men upper limb bones»

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