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Narrative Essay: a prerequisite to become a good writer

24 Mar 2016
A narrative essay is a type of a story written using personal experience with an objective to convey a message to the public. By articulating personal experience you will both entertain the reader and reveal some changes in your personal perception of that experience. Narrative essay is also a literary essay and has a healing effect, especially if you share the story that reverberates in the hearts of the audience. In addition, you may examine causes, motives, and consequences of your conduct in the situation you describe. There should be always a good ending of a narrative essay that boils down to the instructive and useful example of the experience or an invaluable advice. Narrative essay example about life will give you the basic representation of the way you need to render the idea. An example of narrative essay about love will be a good piece of writing that will help you to unwind stories on very intimate and personal things.

Common tips to complete your narrative essay

  • How to find an apt topic? A narrative essay involves both description (narration) and analysis of the situation you are describing. Your personal experience and the topic of an essay need to have a connection with the class theme. Your personal story will be a life evidence to support the thesis. Read some examples of narrative stories for children. It can help you to find an appropriate topic.
  • How to write a narrative essay about yourself that will be involving and easy to remember? Include luminous and memorable details but be concise because you are not writing a novel.  
  • After you have found a topic and a personal story it will be based on, begin writing a draft paper that will outline the basic concepts and point you are going to highlight in the essay. Think about the structure your essay will have. Consider all the parts from the title to the conclusion. Build all your ideas in a sequence to have a logical and coherent flow of thoughts and ideas.
  • Do not digress from the topic. Include only those phrases and details that are relevant to the essay topic.
  • It is essential that you present conflicts, drastic changes that will attract reader's attention and be interesting to discuss in the class.
  • Do not present just the description, analyze!
  • Revise your piece of writing in order to avoid grammatical, stylistic, spelling mistakes.

Structural elements of a narrative essay

  1. Introduction. The introduction paragraph should contain a hook that will grab reader's/audience's attention and will make them read or listen it to the end. Provide all the necessary information (a basic one) for the reader/listener to understand what is going on in your story. End this paragraph with a thesis statement that will outline the topic of your essay.
  2. Body paragraphs. These paragraphs will mainly contain all the details concerning your evidence which is presented in the form of your experience. Elaborate all the subtleties you want to present the reader with. They need to be substantial for the understanding of the message you are aimed to convey to the audience. Try to put the things the way that they demonstrate the significance of the experience you lived through. Narrate adhering to the chronological order. Make body paragraphs coherent. The new paragraph should start with a drastic transition of the events. Use time phrases to help you make your story sound natural and understandable (“Then”, “afterward”, “at that point” etc.)
  3. Conclusion. The conclusion will summarize the story. It should boil down to the reflection or the analysis of the events in the story. Tell how this particular situation affected your life. The conclusion may also echo the thesis statement, so do not forget to restate it and interpret using evidence.

Narrative essay topics for college

“Are there any discrepancies between friendship and love or these two notions are the same and include one another?”
“Hard choices in our lives.”
“Being a hero in the present time.”
“Does the generation gap exists between all parents and children?”
“Bulling at schools. Why does this happen?”

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