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Nursing papers

09 Mar 2016
If you are faced with writing a nursing paper you need to be very attentive and thorough because this step is a prerequisite towards your future career in the medical system. Every nurse should be aware of how to complete plans-of-care, prescriptions, nursing notes, family assessment paper for nursing, lead journals and what not. It is essential to understand, analyze and interpret diverse nursing documentation. Research paper topics for nursing students will help you to identify what engages you most and to be sure about the issue of your paper. Some consider nursing papers to be unnecessary and easy to write as distinct from economics papers or politics papers. However, this is a fallacious opinion because you will also be exposed to loads of data and analysis strategies.

How to write a nursing paper?

A lot of students are at a loss when the deadline is coming and there is nothing to write about and they ask how write my nursing paper. Here is some advice on this issue.

  • First of all, choose the topic that you are interested in and understand correctly it may be nursing process paper, nursing papers on leadership or more practical issues.
  • Make an draft of your work, decide what strategies you are going to use and what literature will be your primary source of inspiration and will help you in your work.
  • Structure your paper coherently so that it is easy to read for the audience.
  • Avoid slang and colloquial style. Adhere to the formal way of rendering information and use high-brow language.
  • Make unclear terms understandable to the reader. Not everybody is a connoisseur in your topic, even people connected with the medical sphere.
  • Include tables, graphs and statistics if necessary for better comprehension.

The structure of the paper

  1. The title. It should cover the whole issue you are going to discuss. Try to complete it in not more that 10-15 words.
  2. The abstract. This part is always at the beginning of the research paper but is written at the very end. It encompasses the purpose of the research, its outcomes, conclusions made by the author etc.
  3. The introduction. Several sentences must be dedicated to the topic of the article. They should be interesting to the reader, it should motivate them and push to read your paper to a tee.
  4. Review of the literature. You will outline all the textbooks, articles, other research that are adjacent to your topic. You are supposed to critically analyze and contrast your approach with the outcomes and information contained in the presented sources.
  5. References. References part is an important step in completing your paper. It means you write down all the cited materials including necessary information about it (the year of publication, author, publishing house etc.).
  6. Discussion. The discussion part of the research paper is aimed at the critical analysis of your own paper by stating its weaknesses and possible improvements. It would be also recommended for you to provide probable perspectives for future development of this theme. In addition, state the importance of the conducted research.
  7. Conclusion. The conclusion is a summary of the whole work. You need to outline all the results and tell whether your aims stated in the introduction were achieved in the process of conducting your survey.

Nursing research paper topics

“The development of nursing science in the USA”
“Mental traumas and their rehabilitation”
“Medical and social aspects of morbidity, disability and improving health”
“Scientific substantiation of social protection of the disabled veterans”

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