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Persuasive essay

21 Mar 2016
Persuasive essay writing tips will help you not only in reaching school success but also in everyday life and especially in your job. Persuasive tactics are now a core of the business and political communication. Persuasive principles are used in the advertisements, blogs, editorials, newspapers, magazines etc.

A persuasive essay is a relatively short piece of writing aimed at convincing the audience of some idea, position, thought etc. Such type of writing requires a great deal of experience, overt intelligence and the ability to think out of the box.

Topics may be devoted to diverse issues like pressing problems concerning the preservation of nature: a persuasive essay on recycling; academic issues: a persuasive essay on education; themes that are inseparable from health concern: a persuasive essay about smoking or topics that are number one in your area or school where you study: a persuasive essay about bullying.
To choose the topic and have an idea of the structure of the essay, look through persuasive essay rubric middle school.

Structure of the essay

  1. Introduction. The introductory part has a hook in it. It starts with a thesis statement that provides that motivation and purpose for your essay and proceeds with giving background information concerning the topic. You may also open the introduction part with a quotation, rhetorical question or statistical fact. The main requirement for your introductory sentence is that it should be interesting and involving! Overall, the introduction should present the reader with the topic, your position towards it, the basic information the reader must know about it. 
  2. Body. This section is usually divided not less that three parts (three paragraphs). Each of them has a central idea in it. These paragraphs are basically the evidence to support your thesis statement. Because this is a persuasive essay, your main target is to persuade the reader. Arguments that you present will help you to do that. To make your voice sound more convincing, take opinions that oppose your statement and then provide counter-argument to those opinions. In this case, the concession will be the backbone of the body paragraphs. Include such cliches as “however”, “thought”, “although”, “whereas” etc. Each body paragraph should have its own conclusion at the end of it.
  3. Conclusion. The conclusion part is an indispensable thing while writing your persuasive essay because it leads the whole thing to a logical end and summarizes the details and main points stated in the short essay. The basic ideas that should be included in this part: - the restatement of the thesis that was introduced in the first part of the essay, - summary of the outcomes of the three body paragraphs. To attract more readers make a call for action statement or a sentence containing your personal opinion. You may end your essay with a quotation, prediction, question that will contribute to the information richness of the paper.

Possible topics for the persuasive essay

«Junk food is also fast food that can save your time»
«Is watching a television an obsession. What negative impacts does this activity have on our health?»
«Travelling is a great experience to open up new sides of your identity»
«Some people consider self-education to be useless. Is this opinion relevant in the modern digital world?»

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