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Philosophy papers

10 Mar 2016
When you embark on a task to write a philosophy paper, you, first of all, need to know what philosophy is. As commonly accepted, it is a science of a theoretical kind that deals with universal eternal questions like “What is life?”, “What is nothing?”, “What is the essence of life?”, “Is there life after death?” etc. Philosophy is interesting and unique because it covers a wide range of topics that are directly adjacent to other aspects of our lives like politics, sociology, psychology and what not. Here you need to be very coherent in explaining your point of view. Making your point clear is the aim of philosophical debates, discussions as well as research papers.

How to write a philosophy paper for dummies

  • Whether you make your own statement, oppose a different statement, support and prove some hypothesis or contrast opinions make everything understandable to the reader. Your arguments should be logically elaborated.
  • Show that you are a connoisseur of your topic. Do not think that reading additional sources will harm your reputation and reader’s impression from reading your paper. Use some literature sources to contrast your opinion and just to give the background information on the topic you present.
  • Each time you read a book for enriching your research, take notes! Otherwise, you will forget the core information from each work.
  • An outline of the work is a stepping stone to success. Prepare everything needed beforehand. Choose the topic you like, structure your paper etc. To complete this stage of preparation you may look through a guide on philosophical writing: Jim Pryor How to write a philosophy paper, an example of a philosophy paper and, of course, philosophy topics to write about. You can also turn to other types of papers like economics papers, education papers, different term papers and whatever you will find just for the sake of structuring your work correctly and having some useful phrases to start your paper.
  • Re-read your completed work. It is undeniable that you will find more grammar, spelling and stylistic mistakes.

Structure of the philosophy paper

  1. Introduction. In the introduction, you are supposed to formulate your thesis clearly using just one sentence. Here you are also going to write about the aims of your work, practical and theoretical importance in the world of science.
  2. Literature review. Outline all the cited literature material. Tell the differences between your view and other authors’ approaches.
  3. Methodology. Describe all the methods and approaches you adhered to while conducting your survey and analysis.
  4. Results. Present obtained results to the audience.
  5. Discussion. In the discussion section, you are going to tell whether your targets have been achieved. You are also supposed to approach your paper critically. Tell all the advantages and shortcomings of the obtained results and of the process of your work. Make predictions concerning the future prospects of your theme.
  6. Conclusion. Summarize the main steps and points of your research paper.
  7. References. This section gives the audience the opportunity to go deeper into the topic and to get all the sources in a full version.

Philosophy paper topics

“The interaction of philosophy and biology”

“The Islamic concept of the family: traditional and contemporary perspectives”

“Phenomenological psychiatry and existential analysis”

“Heidegger and the philosophical theology of the XX century”

“Anthropology, epistemology and ethics in the philosophy of Max Scheler”

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