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Psychology papers

16 Mar 2016
Psychology paper is usually targeted at describing and discovering a wide range of phenomena connected with the mental state of individuals, their behaviour patterns, social communication strategies, deviations in their behaviour, connections between mental functions and physical conduct and what not. Psychology is an eclectic science that is why before preparing yourself to write a psychology paper, be sure you have enough amount of information and methods dealing not only with psychological studies but also with sociology, biology etc. Attention, cognition, interpersonal relationship, religious studies, intelligence, emotions are all building blocks of the science. Your findings may be applicable to education, sociology, occupational health studies etc.

How to write a psychology paper

  • Write in a simple manner without using high-brow language. The readers should understand all the concepts you convey in the paper.
  • Specify hard and unique terms to be more vivid in your arguments. Even professors may not be aware of some new or very rare terminology that is used on rare occasions.
  • Avoid contractions and try to identify abbreviations before using them freely in the context.
  • Choose the topic that engages both you and a reader as well. If you love what you do, your paper would definitely be a fully-fledged deep analysis and research that will certainly gain the highest possible mark. To decide on the topic you would like to choose, sift through psychology past papers and psychology research paper topics.
  • Use spell-checker and grammar-checker in order not to have trivial mistakes that will deprive your work of an “A” mark.
  • Tend not to use intensifiers (particles, adverbs, and adjectives in the superlative form). Your point of view conveyed in the paper should be unbiased and objective with neither overestimation, not underestimation.
  • Stick to an academic style. Avoid slang words and colloquial phrases. Use some formal cliches.
  • To come up with the structure of your own, look at some ready examples of other papers. Not only psychological ones but also education papers, social studies etc.

Structure for a psychology paper

  1. The abstract. The abstract section is the part that very briefly outlines your whole work. It should give the reader the overall impression of your work, questions you discuss, results you have. This part should be written at the very end of your survey.
  2. The introduction. Introduce your topic to the reader. Make it as concise and informative as possible. State some new, interesting information concerning the question or problem you have chosen to discuss to hook the audience with it. Moreover, state the aims of the study that you want to achieve while working on your investigation. Convince the reader that the topic you develop and analyze bears tremendous importance and will be interesting to everybody.
  3. The methodology. This section may be divided into two separate parts that discuss qualitative and quantitative methods respectively. There exist experimental, observational, descriptive methods, case studies and even more. You may several approaches to create a versatile survey that will cover a couple of conceptual points.
  4. Results section. Here you are supposed to state obtained results without any interpretation. Here you can summarize collected data, statistical results etc.
  5. The discussion. Discuss whether your aims were achieved and state all the weaknesses of your research. Tell whether your outcomes are helpful in future investigations of your topic.
  6. The conclusion. Make a brief summary of the whole work. Note only main points and outcomes. State the importance of your findings.
  7. References. References must completely match those ones, stated in the body of your paper.
  8. Appendices. This place is provided for further information concerning your topic for readers interested in more profound knowledge and facts dealing with your topic.

Topics for psychology paper

Many students wonder what topics to write a psychology paper on. Here you have a list of interesting and engaging topics for your research paper.

“Psychological readiness of teachers to work with gifted students”
“Akmeology of Development of polyprofessional competence”
“The relationship between general metacognitive abilities and personality traits”
“Psychological mechanisms of understanding and creating metaphors”
“Psychological features of preschool children's fears with speech development defects”.

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