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Ironically, even the Ministry of Education perplexed why students quit their studies, depriving themselves of the opportunity to get higher education. Why is this happening: becoming a freshman, somehow loses interest in learning and further perspectives.

It is hard to answer this question, because not easy to understand other people's motives. But it is possible to identify the main reasons, which impel students to quit college or university.

First Year of Study


As claimed statistics, approximately every 5th student for some reason quit university: often it happens on the first - second year, much rarely senior students abandon higher education.

Global causes that leave "future expert" without a diploma is dependent from the age category. If to talk about first year student, his or her sudden relinquishment of further studies may be related to his own laxity and so-called "youthful maximalism."

The reason is simple: right after finishing school and becoming first year student, young people are confident that life is good, so they are absolutely does not ready for new impediment and achievement of goals.

And at the university, how not cool, for the "place under the sun" students has to fight so desperately, especially when it comes to scholarships. Professors - are not a teachers who often overestimates tasks, only to release inveterate loafers.

In a higher education institution state of affairs is somewhat different. Every lazy student may be expelled for academic failure or for being accused of plagiarism, which happens more often nowadays, because students forget to use online plagiarism checker to avoid that from happening. That's the first reason for why some students quit studies.

Definitely quit, because low educational attainment indicates exactly this. And elimination from the university - it is a result of human irresponsibility. For all the years at the university, students need to find assistants.

Accordingly, it can be concluded that critical periods when it is big possibility to leave the ranks of students - it's definitely first year. So there is only one advice try to stay in university by all means, if you want to get higher education.

Third year of study

When first year successfully finished, in the mind of student appears a passion by which he successfully finishes the second year. Nevertheless, the next critic point, generally, becomes third year of study, and here is quite a logical explanation.

The point is that at this hard stage of life occurs the so-called "breaking of views" when student starts coming to conclusion that he or she is doing not what he would like to do in a future.

In this period emerging sincere aversion to previously chosen specialty, and about industrious studies in the future can be no question.

At first begins truancy and satisfying marks, and then there are only 2 options: according to the first - student himself quit further study, and the second says that student, as a lagging behind, expelled by the decision of deanery.

The situation is complicated, but to force a person to learn what he does not like - is problematic and wrong. That is why this position is worthy respect, but of course, sad for the years spent in the university for no reason.

Last year of study

Oddly enough, but some students quit from higher education institution already at the finish.

There may be several reasons for this behavior, but the most common among them are detailed below:

  1. The decline in academic performance;
  2. The emergence of the family;
  3. The existence of basic work;
  4. Family problems;
  5. The urgent need for additional sources of income.

As a rule, final year students are already holistic intelligent individuals who know exactly what they want from life. Elimination from college or university in this status is a necessary measure, and often the student becomes its initiator.

Someone having family difficulties, someone urgently needs to look for a job and feed the family, and someone found a suitable profession, and simply loses interest in the chosen specialty.

Also, the main reasons which lead to leaving higher education institution is:

  • Longing for home and a feeling that you are not on the place. College - a new world that is not so easy to integrate.
  • Large mental stress. Despite the fact that college provides opportunity to make your schedule, still tight timetable of classes, difficult courses and a large amount of homework occasionally discourage the desire to go on.
  • Financial difficulties. Tuition fee is growing rapidly, and not every student receives a scholarship. In addition, the financial situation is always unstable and may vary from year to year.
  • Fun at the expense of learning. Some students spend almost all the time with friends instead of practice, and then they have to take academic leave of absence because of poor academic performance.
  • Lack of mentors. In school, you are always under the care of teachers, since the number of students per one class is much less than that of students on the course. Therefore, the college is much more difficult to achieve individual approach that often beats out the person out of the rut.

But hope none of these reasons will not prevent you from getting such an important nowadays higher education!


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