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Research Summary: Brief and Comprehensive

03 May 2017

What is the Research Summary?

The research summary is an academic writing piece describing a research to the prospective readers. Usually, the students start with summarizing research articles of other specialists in journals and later have to summarize their investigations. The abstract or summary comes with every article or report, with coursework, research proposal, and other papers. The latter provides much more information than the abstract. It not only creates the first impression and helps the reader to decide whether the full paper is worth his attention, to understand what to expect in it; it gives a notion of the investigation to people who have no time or not enough special knowledge to read the whole paper.

Its length is usually up to 10% of the original text, which can take from half of a page to two pages.

The Steps of Work

Now, having answered the question “What is research summary?”, let’s make out how to write it.

  • Read the paper you have to summarize, be it your work or somebody else’s, to have a clear integral picture.
  • Review each section successively and extract the information from each one into a sentence or two.
  • It is better to simplify the language of the original text and eliminate the redundant specific terminology.
  • Read what you’ve got.
  • Make sure that the important points of an article, report, etc. under consideration are clear from your text.
  • You must have the hypothesis, scientific significance, book review or the background, the major objectives and procedures, the methodology, and the results covered.
  • Edit it to be easily read and neatly structured.

The Tips

Avoid making it look like a collection of ideas from the original paper, but create a holistic text that can be read independently of it. If we take a look at any executive summary research paper example, we’ll see that it can be understood to a wider audience, than the initial paper. Try and render technical details in a way comprehensible to non-experts. It is designed to give the notion of the full document’s content without reading it, unlike the abstract, which aim is just to orientate the audience before the reading. It usually serves to business purposes rather than for academic community internal use. Often the managers that make decisions about investments are too busy to deal with complicated documents overloaded with terminology. Summary of research design may also be included in the paper to explain what strategy the author have chosen for effective analysis and, previously, collection and measurement of the data. It is recommended, to sum up the content after you have finished your investigation, to make it complete and integral. Try and give the reader the understanding of the study context. The topics of scientific articles and their summaries draw the attention of publicity and potential investigation sponsors if they are relevant and up-to-date. Consider what is in demand in the society: for example, cyberbullying, e-business, cybersecurity, social media and other Internet-related investigation. Knowing how to write a research article summary ensures your academic papers success.

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