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Science papers

17 Mar 2016
Scientific papers are the best way now to present your own input in the development of modern science. Such papers are based upon your own evidence and conducted surveys and the works by other scientists. They are the best helpers to put the audience into the picture of the evolution of scientific knowledge. To make your paper popular and cited, make it both easy and informative. Target at the audience that knows general things about science but is not well aware of the topic you are dwelling on. Science papers may be fulfilled on diverse topics. There are such types as political science paper, ecological science papers, biological science papers, as well as on computer science paper presentation topics.

Some useful advice on science paper writing

  • Use correct and appropriate nomenclature.
  • Try to avoid using too many abbreviations. If it is impossible, be eager, first of all, to write what each of the abbreviations stands for. However, there are some cases like min, sec, hr, HIV etc that are known worldwide and do not need to be defined.
  • Structure your paper coherently so that the information is rendered smoothly from general background information, the process of your survey and later to the outcomes that you will get. Sample paper science, science fair paper example or even engineering papers will help you to do your best at arranging the paper of your own.
  • Stick to the rule to use the third person according to the academic style restrictions. Sometimes you may go in for impersonal constructions.
  • Use the least possible amount of words to convey your idea and point.
  • Proofread your paper for detecting errors and correcting them. 

Common structure of the scientific paper

Use from five to six sections to make your point clear and understandable for the audience. Here you will get the basic structure of the scientific paper consisting of five points.

  1. Introduction. In this part of the work is aimed at specifying the aim and motivation of your research paper as well as providing clear thesis that outlines your topic and makes it comprehensible to the reader.
  2. Literature and methodology. Literature and methodology section deals mostly with the theoretical basis of your work. Here you provide the literature sources you used to broaden your points.
  3. The results and discussion. These two elements may be either separated or combined. It depends on the requirements of your university. It is generally believed that these sections should be integrated because pure results without any interpretation are not productive and understandable. You are also supposed to state the weaknesses of your work and to tell whether your investigation has perspective for future development.
  4. The conclusion. In the conclusion do not reiterate already mentioned information. Here you need to just summarize you main points and interpret them at a higher level. Tell whether you succeeded in achieving your goals that were stated in the introduction. You may also engage the reader in further investigation of the problem by stating another question at the end for future development and interpretation.
  5. The abstract. This part of a scientific paper is put right after the introduction section but is written at the very end of the survey because it gives an outline of the whole paper. It is relatively brief but it contains all the parts of the paper.

Science paper topics

“The study of the population gene pool of the Central America”
“Dark matter and dark energy in the Universe”
“The danger of nanotechnology in medicine everyday life”
“Control System team of mobile robots”
“Effect of treatment-and-prophylactic diet rich in selenium”

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