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Short essay

21 Mar 2016
A short essay is almost the same as any other types of the essays. In such an essay, you provide your opinion concerning a particular issue and logically organize the flow of the line of reasoning. Your essay must highlight only one central idea because of the linear structure of the short essays. The frequent question concerning such types of the essays is: how long is a short essay? The answer depends on the requirements of your professor but it rarely exceeds the limit of half a page (provided you have not a big size of the handwriting).

In terms of topics, you may be allotted with the task to write short stories essay, especially if you attend classes of literature or classes of polycritic where writing a persuasive essay is a prerequisite for success. Many students have a question of how to write a short essay about yourself. Such topics are usually assigned to students from the department of psychological studies. Faculties of philosophy usually assign topics that deal with something transcendent that we cannot see, so you might have a task to write a short essay about love, friendship, the sense of life etc.

What is short essay format?

Though a short essay is very brief and concise, you must adhere to the basic structural principles of writing such papers. The parts of the essay have more or less fixed positions in the text, especially the introduction and the conclusion. They are the frame of your piece of writing. A good and thought-provoking essay should also encompass thesis/hypothesis/questions to the readers as well as counterarguments and your responses to these arguments.

The basic structure is as follows:

  1. Introduction. First and foremost, present the audience with the thesis statement that will direct the flow of the whole essay. Add up some basic background information concerning your topic. Present the reader with only relevant information. With the help of the introduction, you engage the reader into the essence of the essay. They must be interested in reading more that is why to enrich the introduction paragraph, you can insert a quote, famous adage, joke etc.
  2. Body. The bulkiest part of the essay is the body paragraph that consists of at least three separate paragraphs. In these three paragraphs, you are supposed to provide evidence for your thesis statement. These arguments may be presented in any way you want. You may start each paragraph with a topic sentence and that develop it. You can make up a rhetorical question and then answer it. There is a possibility to place counterargument a the very beginning and then proceed with opposing it and giving your interpretation of the concept you are discussing and investigating. Do not forget to include a conclusive statement for each of the paragraphs in the body part.
  3. Conclusion. Summarize all the important points and ideas mentioned in the essay. If the topic allows you to add a call for action or statements that will trigger further discussions and interpretations of the topic do it.

Topics you may choose for the short essay

“Do you agree that there is a small room between love and hatred?”
“Some agrees upon the fact that the Internet flaws our life. Is it true for you?”
“Piercing and tattoos are the important elements to show you are a fashionable person”
“Exotic animals cannot be permitted to live in people's homes as pets”
“Reality shows help teenagers get to know more about what awaits them in the adult life”

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