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Simple and useful scholarship essay tips for creative students!

05 Apr 2016
If you are faced with the task to write an college essay applying for scholarship it means you are a gifted person that deserves to be enrolled in the University with special financial aid.  As a matter of fact, it is not an easy task to complete a unique scholarship essay but we will try to guide you and give some pieces of advice to succeed in such a thorough task. Though scholarship essay contests for college students may seem to be a daunting experience and perplex you, your custom essay needs to stand out in order to be noticed and taken into account. The main goal of your scholarship essay is to open up your personality from the social perspective and to show your strong sides as a student, social activist, sportsman, volunteer etc.

What is the key feature of the scholarship essay?

The key feature of any scholarship essay is individuality and the way you personalize it, make it different. Always be truthful about your accomplishments and do not speak with general phrases. If your essay sticks in the judge’s memory, you will be destined to be the winner of the race!

Some practical advice to start writing your scholarship paper

  • When you receive a task to write a scholarship essay you should carefully and thoughtfully read the statement. Read it several times until you understand its meaning.
  • Next, you are going to outline the main theme of the statement. There could be more than just one theme. Usually, there are from two to three themes.
  • Understanding of the core themes is essential. It does not mean understanding of the surface level but rather the underlying meaning of them. Try to approach your themes from different perspectives (social, psychological etc.)
  • Use key phrases. Try to address the topic differently but with related words and collocations. Use synonyms, look for word combinations with adjacent meanings. This way, the judges will understand that you respect the given topic and always address the statement. Essay sample for scholarship and research proposal sample will help you.
  • Think out of the box – open the boundaries! Try to think like the committee might think of the way they evaluate essays. Approach critically while rereading your paper. Cover every aspect that your statement may have even if it was not asked.
  • Make your essay passionate. Show your involvement and commitment to the topic you describe. Use examples from your personal life to illustrate that the theme introduced in the statement relates to you and that is why you are the best candidate for to get the scholarship.
  • Look through a sample of scholarship essay and identify its strong and weak sides.

Your essay is a key to your success, a stepping stone into the academic world but do not be too nervous before starting writing. You are who you are. Never exaggerate your aptitudes and achievements, tell only truthful information. You are not God that is why the committee will not trust you if you will boast and overstate your accomplishments. Being yourself and applying some writing skills is the best piece advice we can give you.

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