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Social Studies papers

17 Mar 2016
As a humanitarian study, social sciences focuses on interpersonal and social relationships. It boosts students' awareness of social institutions, processes that govern relationships in society. This study is a multidisciplinary that is linked with such fields as psychology, anthropology, economics, geography and what not. The main objective of social studies is to develop a conscious understanding of society as an indispensable part of the world and to instill positive inclinations towards reasonable decision-making. The study is closely connected with the historical development of the universe and is directly influenced by politics, technology and vice versa. That is why to make a decent paper in social studies you are supposed to be well-read on these issues and to understand the processes that govern all the changes.

Tips for fulfilling research paper on social studies

  • How to start a social studies paper? The organizing hub of any paper is the problem you investigate. Focus on just one aspect of a problem and analyze it inside and out.
  • Review literature that is adjacent to the topic you have chosen. Try to focus on the primary sources and reliable web-sites. Tend not to overuse direct quotes. Paraphrase given ideas in the literature and interpret them from your perspective. All the sources will prove your arguments, strengthen your opinion or modify it.
  • Analyze the topic of the study and be prepared to outline approaches that you are going to use. There is an abundance of them (comparison, evaluative, interpretative, persuasive etc.).
  • Adhere to the academic style. Do not use colloquial expressions.
  • Structure your work coherently so that the reader is able to grasp main points in a logical order.
  • Look through CXC social studies past papers to identify the proper structure of the paper. CXC is a prolific organization that may inspire you to investigate your problem more profound.
  • Social studies fair paper example, health papers, biology papers may help you to choose the topic of your own.

The structure of social studies exam papers

  1. The abstract. You should complete this part after you have already finished your research. It is basically the outline of the whole paper. It consists of the motivation for the studies, its purpose, major findings, and results.
  2. The introduction. This part focuses on the purpose of the research, it specifies the topic by providing clear thesis statement and a bit of background information. It may also give an insight into the methodological approach used in the study. The introduction may also propose a puzzling question to interest the reader and engage them in the whole work.
  3. The literature review. The literature review section is a place where you provide the reader with all the literature sources you used while explaining this or that issue.
  4. Methods. Your methodology gives your study validity and reliability. Use past tense to describe the stages of your research. This is also the place for data presented  and interpreted in different tables, diagrams.
  5. The results. Use the past tense while stating your results. In this section, you are supposed to provide pure results without interpretation. Include only those results that are relevant to the topic.
  6. The discussion. The discussion section is aimed at interpreting your results and findings and stating whether your survey influenced the discovered topic or not.
  7. The conclusion. The conclusion is a summary of main points stated in the research and also all the findings. You may also tell whether you achieved the goal of the paper and put forward some new ideas for future investigation.

Possible topics for the research

“Socio-economic analysis of the market savings services”
“Nuclear energy as a subject of socio-environmental dialogue”
“Happiness as a sociocultural phenomenon”
“Communication as a form of spirituality”
“Intercultural Interaction in the conditions of modern American multiculturalism”

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