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What is an informal essay

09 Mar 2016

Informal essay definition

An informal essay is a specific task because it does not have lots of restrictions. It may be dedicated to your personal point of view or a humorous attitude towards some topic. You should not worry about some formalities concerning writing in this type of an essay, it may be even an example of informal essay about love. However, if you are given with the task to write an essay at school or college you are supposed to stick to some rules of coherent structure, avoiding mistakes etc. These rules will help you to put your opinion and ideas in a more eloquent and interesting way. You are usually given with a simple topic so do not be frightened. Everything which is not a subject for an informal essay refer to more serious issues as cosmic innovations, medical treatment, philosophical questions etc. These rules will help you to put your opinion and ideas in a more eloquent and interesting way.

Some tips to adhere while writing your essay

  • For the first time just a few students know how to write an informal essay, so remember, be concise, do not reiterate same ideas again and again.
  • To advance your writing skills read additional sources like book critique, comparative essay, research outline and what not to develop your own way of thinking and make up a good template for your essays.
  • Clearly express your personality in the informal essay. The reader should hear your own ideas and point of view concerning this or that topic.
  • Though it is an informal essay, always follow its structure!
  • It is an informal essay but it does not mean you are free violate all the formalities like using slang words, skipping grammar, making spelling mistakes.
  • Re-check your paper after completing it in order to find errors and to fix them.
  • Stick to the main topic, do not make digressions into anything that is not connected to it. To be well-aware of the appropriate flow of thoughts check out example of informal essay about education.

The structure of the informal essay

What is interesting about this type of an essay, it does not require a particular format and structure simply because it is informal, though if you are at the academic institution and supposed to complete it you are most likely to have some rules.

  1. Introduction. Set your topic in a clear manner. Make your audience understand it and get into your purpose. Make it engaging and involving. Intrigue the reader, make them think!
  2. Body. Here you dwell on arguments supporting your introduction. You are free to give examples, frequent statistics, facts from life. The body of the essay proves why you think so.
  3. Conclusion. In the conclusion, restate your thesis, summarize all the facts/findings you have mentioned in the body paragraphs. Tell the audience the issue you have discussed to be of the primary importance and to bother almost everybody.

Informal essay topics

The topics for the informal essay usually touch upon intimate issues like a prison, terminate diseases, family problems, relationships with friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, political issues, religious questions. In these essays, you will be able to present your point of view without being too formal. Here you are not supposed to use critique, somebody else’s opinion if you do not want to do so. The informal essay is directed at revealing your personal point of view!

“What is your opinion of euthanasia in terms of ethics?”

“Capital punishment: for and against.”

“Your pieces of advice on how to stop smoking.”

“How Internet influenced lives of millions?”

“What is the most frequent cause of divorces in your opinion?”

“Is being successful a prerequisite for happiness?”

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