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What is the essence of writing economics papers?

09 Mar 2016
Economics papers are primarily targeted at interpreting and analysis of statistics, data or economic phenomena in a particular country all over the world. These papers may be focused either on micro or macro economics. A good paper in economics requires critical thinking abilities and an aptitude to analyze empirical problems, applying literature sources from different countries.

How to write an economics research paper: useful tips for a decent economics paper

  • Adhere to the present tense.
  • Avoid too many passives. The active style is preferable.
  • The paper should be written in a formal style, so do not overdo emotive language (superlatives, adjectives etc).
  • Abbreviations and contractions are not common in formal papers.
  • Make footnotes where you will place additional comments and details.
  • Use short sentences to convey all the necessary information.
  • Make your professional paper understandable. Not every person who will pick it up, know all the subtleties of your topic.
  • To have an overall idea of how economics paper looks like, look through economics research paper example.
  • Do not outline steps of investigation that were useless and led to no result.

How to structure your paper?

Before setting out to write your paper find out what is the novel contribution of it. Otherwise, the work will not draw scientific attention. Read the examples from economics past papers, custom papers, even history papers may help you with formulating this point.

Remember that not every reader will have enough time to read your research from the first page to the last one. That is why make it well structured and organized for the reader to skim through it. Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion sections must be the most informative in terms of the accumulation of diverse information taken from the whole work.

The most important information should be placed in the first and the last part.

  1. Introduction. The very first part of your work is the introduction. It encompasses your contribution to the science on the whole and the outline of your work (your targets, who have been interested in this topic etc.). Challenge the reader, puzzle them. Your audience should be motivated to proceed with reading.
  2. Literature review. The aim of this section is to distinguish your work from the rest ones. Mention all the sources that have validity and relate to your own topic.
  3. Data. It is a short part that will be approximately one page long. State the source of the data (statistics, observations, graphs etc.). Note the advantages and disadvantages of data you have chosen.
  4. Results. Mention only those parameters that directly relate to your topic. Besides including graphs, figures in your paper, you should describe each table, graph etc. Make separate captions for each table, graph.
  5. Discussion. This is where you may judge your work by mentioning all the limitations it had, stating the influence of your research on the economy, discuss approaches you used and offer new ways of investigation questions you rose.
  6. Conclusion. Summarize and juxtapose aims you had had and results you got, write about future perspective of your findings.

Economics paper topics

“Neoinstitutional concepts of transforming a planned economy into a market economy”
“Comparative analysis of the methodology of the history of economic thought”
“Internal audit of commercial health care organizations activities”


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