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EduBirdie Review – What Should You Know about the Service

17 Jan 2019
A great number of writing companies present evidence that they are becoming more and more popular among students. Writing companies are popular for many reasons, but the main one is that many students are working and they would like to save their time. However, few of these companies are reliable, and sometimes it’s a big problem to find the one satisfying all your requirements. Below you may find ratings of top essay services to give some guidance. read more

The Best Websites to Check for Plagiarism Online

21 Nov 2018
Students and teachers need to make sure that paper hasn’t been plagiarised. It’s a golden rule for college and any other working environment. For students, it's important to check their papers before they submit them, unless they've asked for essay help from a professional writing service, because their assignments run through Turnitin which is a comprehensive plagiarism checker and will check that every single reference is properly cited. We offer a guide on how to check for plagiarism before Turnitin and luckily, today there are loads of websites to check for plagiarism available online. They range from totally free to subscription services. We've rounded up the top ten and reviewed them for detail, interface, reliability, price points, quality, and service to help students when deciding what is right for them. read more

Is Plagiarism Illegal and how Does it Affect Students?

21 Nov 2018
The popular dictionary defines plagiarism as ‘to steal and pass off something (the ideas or words) of another person) as one's own: use (another's production) without crediting the source’. It’s a massive issue for students, but can be tricky to understand what it is and the dangers. ‘Is plagiarism illegal?’ is an extremely common question, and technically, yes, it is illegal, if a person uses someone else’s intellectual property a person can be sued for this action. While it isn't a criminal or civil offense in American, it still falls under the bracket of illegal activity. It’s extremely important for students not to plagiarize because they run the risk of suspension or expulsion, and tainting their university record from an ethics point of view. read more

How to Write a College Paper

22 Mar 2018
Are you one of those students who worry about academic tasks? Would you like to know how to write a college paper? The college paper is a minor student work in comparison with BA or MA theses. Therefore, we pay less attention to its writing, and we often do not care about originality of text and the appropriate composition. Nevertheless, writing scholarship essays is an integral part of the educational process. Writing a college paper fast, first of all, we develop skills of producing more serious works. That is why it is necessary to be able to write a college paper well. How to write a college research paper? The answer is that you may not copy word for word books or articles because college paper is not a summary. Proceeding from the fact that the classification of information is important in a paper, you should not use just one source, otherwise, it will be a report. Finally, in college paper, material is supposed to be generalized from different sources, but not duplicate the books. The question ‘how to write a paper for college’ is not an easy one, because the purpose of writing a college paper is to make an author understand the topic deeper, be more fluent in a certain field and memorize useful information. In addition, when we work on writing, we develop skills of organization and commitment, which is useful not only in school. So, you should obey certain rules in order to learn how to write papers.   read more

How to Write an A+ Reaction Paper

09 Dec 2016
At one point in our lives we all come to writing an essay and even though it might seem easy, it is not that simple at all. Many students experience the biggest troubles in their studies exactly with essays. I have written quite a lot of them in my college years and I have some advice kept in store for you, because it is always better to learn from somebody else’s mistakes, right? So, in this article, we will talk about how to write the reaction paper. read more

A guide on how to write an accounting research paper

21 Mar 2016
A profound accounting research papers require a great deal of work with literature sources, figures, statistics and financial accounting working papers. This task may seem to be overwhelming at first glance but being familiar with the structure of such papers, basic principle, and their purpose, you will be aimed at the highest grade and promising results. Research papers are the most formal format of academic papers that you are supposed to write at school. That is why the structure and the rules of completing such papers is a backbone of the success. read more

History of Floyd, Arkansas

25 Jan 2016
Floyd has not always been the well-developed community that we enjoy today. The very first settlers did not even have a church or school. Let us see who some of these early settlers were, and how they have developed the resources of our community. Following is a list of the early settlers: read more

Is Banning Homework a Good Idea? Most Definitely!

30 Dec 2015
read more

Top Crazy University Traditions from Around the World

04 Dec 2015
Many consider the best memories of student years those associated with the traditions of the institution, with the most original and unusual. Traditions give students the opportunity to unite, have fun and do things that in real life they do not allow themselves. But there are so extravagant, immoral entertainment activities among the traditions that often lead to violation of the law and impede learning. Despite everything, the traditions of the universities promote the unification, enable to develop the spirit of oneness among students. And the longer they exist, the crazier they become, for example, like these ten students' habits. University of St Andrews: Raisin Weekend read more

Reasons Why Students Quit Studies

27 Nov 2015
Ironically, even the Ministry of Education perplexed why students quit their studies, depriving themselves of the opportunity to get higher education. Why is this happening: becoming a freshman, somehow loses interest in learning and further perspectives. It is hard to answer this question, because not easy to understand other people's motives. But it is possible to identify the main reasons, which impel students to quit college or university. First Year of Study read more

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