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  • Rewriting helps to avoid plagiarism
  • You can paraphrase various citations
  • Your essay becomes unique and uses a richer vocabulary
  • Our rewriting generator is free and confidential

How Does It Work?

  1. Add desired text You should paste the text that you want to see paraphrases by clicking on the rewrite
  2. Check progress Our tool will highlight the words that can be replaced. It will offer a list of synonyms that you can use
  3. See your results Click finish to replace things automatically

Polish Your Essay With Our Rewriting Service

Choose professional help from writers in rewriting essays and never worry about keeping your writing unique. We offer timely and affordable help that always works your way because we handle each request individually and help you avoid plagiarism risks! Just send your rewrite my essay message and we shall do the rest by handling all academic subjects and the most urgent writing requests!


What is The Rewriting Tool?

The main purpose of our free essay rewriter is to help you avoid plagiarism and keep your writing more accurate by providing you with an extensive vocabulary and constructions that will help your writing stand out from the rest. It also helps international students with poor grammar or a limited set of vocabulary. All you have to do is paste your original essay text and let our tool process your information to provide you with a new version.

When your college professor asks you to revise the text and make it more readable, rewriting essays is one of the options that work well. Since our solution can be accessed free of charge, there's no reason to miss it! It does not store your information anywhere and helps you to improve your English writing skills like a friendly English teacher! Hurry up to check it out!

The Benefits of Our Essay Rewriting Tool

Some college learners might have never heard about the essay changer before, yet it's hard to imagine a person who would not wish to express their thoughts in another way. When you need to compose an essay conclusion and provide another version of your main argument or the key elements of your work, finding different words can easily become an issue. When you have to structure your writing in bullet points, finding correct and precise words for your title can easily become an issue. This is exactly where our tool helps you to rewrite essay differently by offering unique suggestions and constructions that you may have forgotten. When you need to improve the final readability of your essay or some words keep repeating way too often, it's the safest way to go. Some other benefits include:

  • Improving your percentage of being unique.
  • Higher rating in terms of vocabulary.
  • Professional rewording that's offered free of charge.
  • Changing information that sounds too complex because of your subject.
  • Processing only takes seconds, saving you time!
  • No need to register or share personal data.
  • Our system highlights critical points and helps you to address them right away.

How to Use Essay Rewriter?

The process of using our free essay word changer is quite simple and accessible for most learners. Start by pasting your text that requires rewriting. The trick is to see what words and constructions fit your thoughts and follow the ideas that are suggested once you paste your text. Remember that you must proofread and edit the final results since you can do it for as long as necessary. It's also possible to process what you receive and improve your writing even more.

Once ready, read your text aloud to check the readability in terms of how you hear it. As you work on an assignment, compare things with the original citation to ensure that the original meaning remains the same. Using different synonyms always helps to make things clearer, yet it's always important to check the meaning again as you generate the text.

Why Should I Rewrite The Essay?

The majority of students who place reword my essay requests are worried about plagiarism risks and their tone. The same relates to those cases when you are proofreading your text aloud and find some weak parts. If something sounds odd and makes you feel concerned, you must paraphrase and use different words. This is where our tool helps! As you click the button to generate the results, you will receive your text in a fresh and unique way.

Don’t forget that we are dealing with an AI-based system, so make sure to edit the final outcome to make things fit! When you work with the results, it's easy to see what changes have been made. All the new parts and words are highlighted. As you paste your text in the window of our best essay rewriter, you get the natural flow of your writing. Most importantly, the accuracy and vocabulary of your writing will improve as well!

Any Other Rewriting Tool VS Eduzaurus Essay Rewriter

By choosing our free intelligent rewriter, you receive the following benefits:

  • Our essay reworder does not store your information as you paste it, which means that it won't appear anywhere by risking your privacy.
  • Our system can be used free of charge and does not require registration or entering of any personal data.
  • There is no text limit that you can paste and we let you process and edit your writing as much and as often as necessary.
  • Our system checks your subject and provides you with relevant synonyms and changes that fit your initial discipline.
  • We help you avoid plagiarism by editing your writing flow and style.
  • Fast processing speed that works on all electronic devices when you need to rewrite an essay on a limited Internet connection.
  • When you have a paper revision from the college professor, simply paste the essay text and process it to show that you did your homework well!

When you need additional writing help, our experts won’t leave you on your own as we are ready to help you both day and night by handling all academic essay types and subjects!

Plagiarism Avoidance Tips

The use of our free essay rewriter is one of the fastest and safest methods to avoid plagiarism, which often happens when we repeat the same thing twice or use similar wording without proper paraphrasing. The most important is to proofread and edit your writing by checking with an original source as you implement citations as this type of manual work is essential for successful essay writing.

You can also use online plagiarism checker our once you are done with the initial reword work. It will help you to check things even further and receive a specific report where you can check the similarity results. Since it’s also free, it’s a great combination that always works best!

Additional Free Editing Tools

Don't forget to check our tools that help you keep writing unique:

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Check your essay for being unique and never have to worry about plagiarism risks again with our free and fast similarity sources detection.

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If you are struggling with the final paragraph and need an AI-based system to generate your conclusion in an essay, use this helpful tool.

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