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How does the service work?

We have ensured that all of our services are all user-friendly and aggravation-free. Our homepage is informative enough to meet your requirements and easy to navigate. Besides, our writers and their academic writing services are customer-oriented and extremely easy to place your order.

For clients requiring the services of an academic writer provider:

Basically, you have to describe your writing needs and requirements and post a job. Our experts that are keen and interested in your project have the facility to bid on your project. You can get the best writers bidding on your project if they feel it convenient for them.

Before making your ultimate decision, you can have a glance over the performances of the writers you've short-listed. You can check and scrutinize their previous job completion success, ratings, and clients’ feedbacks before hiring one of them.

Once you selected the most reliable and apt expert for your writing project, you have to pay for the service. The writer will complete the writing task within the reasonable deadline and submit it to you upon your payment. You can get the best result from our writers solely, as they have years of experience and knowledge in their personal areas.

For writers wishing to provide their service to the client:

The writers will be eligible to review plenty of job postings on the site. You can select the most appropriate one or ones depending on your capability and the deadline.

You can then scrutinize and review the ratings and feedbacks concerning the desired clients provided by the previous writers who worked for these clients.

You can bid on the job posting if you feel that you are eligible for the task and you can complete it within the given deadline and fulfill the requirements of the client’s demands. Before placing your bid, you can also re-check the ratings and feedbacks of the concerned client.

Why choose us?

There are plenty of reasons to choose our service.

We use the state of the art technology and offer quality papers for our customers.

We have the plethora of experienced and well-educated writers.

We don’t compromise with the standard of the result and follow the instructions completely.

We do not use same papers twice and all our writings are written from the scratch.

We ensure confidentiality and plagiarism-free papers.

You will receive a solecism-free and accurately written paper.

You will have the facilities of competitive pricing for your task and selecting the writer out of the possible ones.

Who will write my papers?

We have many experienced, highly skilled and well-educated writers who are either M.A or Ph.D. holders. Our writers are knowledgeable and expert in their specific areas. You can rely on our writing experts as they are highly promising and never fail deadlines. All of our writers are professional enough to follow your instructions and thereby will submit you well-organized quality papers. Besides, you will be able to select the writer yourself according to your needs and criteria.

How to place an order?

The ordering process is so simple that even an amateur can place it. We have informative homepage and the instructions are crystal clear.

You have to sign up first, then get ready your requirements, place an order, hire a writer, control the process, pay the writer and enjoy the output. Before placing order, specify your instructions and select your category.

Then you have to write your job description and leave your contact email to communicate with the writers.

After getting the most suitable biddings, you can sort out the right one for you and hire him or her for your purpose.

What if I don't like the paper delivered by my writer?

If you are not satisfied with the paper delivered by your writer, contact our customer support team immediately and they will consider the case with no delays. However, before doing so, you can ask your writer for a revision and tell him to change the paragraphs that you consider are inappropriate. If the writer fails to do so again, you can communicate with our customer support team. Our professionals will check the case and offer you the possible solutions for your project. Once the job is completed successfully, you can release the money. Money that has been released for the completed task isn’t refundable. For more details check out our ‘Terms of Use’ section.

Can I be sure that my paper is plagiarism-free?

We are completely aware that academic writings must be totally plagiarism-free. Our experienced writers are also conscious about that and put much emphasis on this matter. We don’t supply any plagiarized paper to our customers. We utilize several software programs to ensure whether the paper is plagiarized or not. Our expert professionals determine and verify this fact very carefully. You can be overly sure that the paper you get will be plagiarized or copied free.

Can other users see my personal details or payment data?

Confidentiality is an issue that we follow strictly. We have used high quality security measures to prevent exposure. Other users let alone third parties won’t be able to see your personal details or payment data as we ensure the confidentiality to our customers. On our secure servers, your input data is safe and secure. We don’t share anything with others.