10 Bitter Truths No One Will Tell You About Scorum 

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Scorum is undoubtedly an amazing platform for people to earn with their passion. Scorum can turn the poor to the rich (for those who know how to play their cards well) and can as well turn out to be a waste of time for those who don’t know how to play the game well. Without beating around the bush, there are some bitter truths about Scorum which no one will tell you which I will be unveilingThis is just to clear everyone that I’m no expert on this subject. I will only try to share what I’ve learned on this platform in my past few months here and I hope this will be helpful to the newbie. I decided to do sub-heading so as to make it easier to skip to the part you might be interested in.

Followers are useless, having fans is the real deal

Are you happy about having hundreds of followers? Well, what a lot of us fail to understand is that having tons of followers is somewhat useless. On Scorum, you don’t need to build followers but FANS.

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There are two types of followers on Scorum- Organic and natural followers. The organic followers may not be fans as such, but probably followed you because you begged for a following or because they want a follow back. They are going to follow and forget. The natural followers are people who followed you because they like what you do. They are potential votes and you can easily turn them to your fans by visiting their blogs, upvoting and commenting on their posts just show them that you remember them. Building fans is the real deal because these are people waiting for you to hit the publish button and then reward you. Your fans will not jealous of the bucks on your posts because they want your success as much as you do. Having just 10 fans is better than having 100 followers. You will see a lot of people telling you to build followers but nobody will tell you to build FANSStrive to be popularNow this is very important. People tell you to build network, interact and try to communicate with as many people as you can on discord and telegram.

Of course, it’s possible to receive 10 upvotes after talking to about 100 people but instead of speaking to hundreds of people about your post, it would be much better if you spend time doing what will make you popular. My definition of being popular is not to turn yourself to a clown, spam or cause controversy on the platform. Commenting on peoples posts and giving out time to help people grow is one of ways to make useful on the platform which will bring about popularity. Just take a look at the big boys on Scorum, some of you write well than they do but you will never earn half of what they earn. Why? Because they’re well known here. No matter what they post, they will surely have a lot of bucks on their posts. I just told you a secretYou may not get noticed even as a good content writerThe biggest lie someone will tell you is to post good content and the whales will locate you. There are over 25,000 active users on Scorum and we have less than 30 whales. It’s practically impossible for the whales to go round upvoting the posts created by the minnow. All they do is vote the few ones they are able to read and leave to VP to replenish, so you need to erase that mindset that a whale will locate you. Even if they do, it may be only once and you may not have that privilege for the next couple of weeks. Well, the truth is that you should keep improving and amending your ways till you get noticed. Don’t wait to get noticed, use your brain and try new techniques

Scorum is not Youtube

Oh yeah! You heard me right. Putting up videos here won’t grow traffic. It’s better to focus more of content than videos due o the fact that videos consumes data. Not everybody can afford to watch videos due to data consumption. When you put up videos, there’s 80% probability that people won’t bother to watch it The misconception of building your SPvoting on whales’ posts won’t give you much curation rewards neither will voting on trending posts generate much curation rewards as a return. The simple way to get more curation rewards is by upvoting newly publish post which are at least 30 minutes old and has the potential to grace the trending page. By so doing, you stand a chance to get more curation rewards.

Scorum is more of a game

Always learn to play it like a game, not a knob. Knowing how to play the game is all that matters. People who know how to play the game well survive easily while those who don’t are found gallivantingPeople have favouritesThe earlier you realize this the better for you. Nobody will tell you that the best writers are not the highest earns on Scorum. In fact, you may write better than Williams Shakespeare but your post will still be struggling to get $1. The truth is that people have favourites here and that’s why same the same set of people are always on the hot and trending page. Some of these people may tell you that creating more than one post per day is like ripping the reward pool while they post up to 3 daily to rip the reward pool at the detriment of the minnows. People have favourites.

Get that into your skull Caption and image are your selling point

When writing a lengthy post, bear in mind that you should add at least one picture in every 3-4 paragraphs because words are not enough to convey your message properly. If your post is lengthy and you fail to add pictures in-between paragraphs or sub-heading, it may be a turn off to most people. You can’t survive by begging If you take a look at my blog, I’m not earning much like I’m supposed to be earning. This is because I’m not that type that licks peoples asses to get upvote from them. I make my post and let nature play its role. If people upvote it, fine! If they don’t, I pick up my pen and try to write something better hoping to get better upvotes. The bad side of begging is that you can only increase the number of your votes but not the number of buck. Remember that if you deserve something, you don’t need to beg people you have it. No one becomes rich from beggingLong worded posts get more rewards than short worded postYour post must be lengthy. Ooh yeah! Unless you’re a whale, no one is going to reward you well on a 2 paragraph or 4 line post.

On Scorum, some people don’t even read your post. They only glance through it and scroll down and when they see that its lengthy, they reward you because they feel that the length of your post signifies that you have put much effort in it. Although, we still have some people who don’t mind whether a post is long or short provided it makes sense but the vast majority are less likely to reward a short worded post. I drop my pen at this juncture I don’t know if this post makes sense to someone


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