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10 Business Ideas For You To Dare To Undertake 

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The possibility of becoming your own boss, achieving personal fulfillment or increasing your income are very good reasons to decide to undertake. We are also confident that neither the ups and downs of the economy nor the lack of capital or business experience will stop your path to independence. Of course, you must consider the context, analyze the market you want to address and identify your skills and talents as an entrepreneur before starting. Now, where to start? For this article we selected five spins that in recent years have shown a positive growth trend: children, economics, technology, pets and food and beverages.

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The goal is to find inspiration and tools to join any of them in 2017. In addition, in each of the 10 ideas you will find data that confirm that there is an area of opportunity to innovate in a certain niche, basic advice on how to start and develop a concept, as well as an example of national or international success. It is a selection of the vast collection of the 100 Ideas Entrepreneur Entrepreneur website, which is fed every week with the most innovative business models in the market. Do you need something else to put yourself in action? Take into account that for 25 years, Entrepreneur has published hundreds of success stories through its different platforms, confirming that Mexico is the birthplace of entrepreneurs. What if you were the next interviewee to share his experience with our entire audience?Maybe the time has come for you to make the most important decision of your life, you just need an idea that you are passionate about and that motivates you to turn it into a company that transcends.

CHILDREN: Online toy outlet

WHY?Data from the Euromonitor agency (2015) indicate that the market value of traditional toys and games in Mexico has had an average annual growth of 6. 3% in recent years. Another fact to keep in mind: in 2018 the Magi allocated between $ 1,500 and $ 4,000 for the purchase of gifts for each child. And the best thing is that the majority of the consumer consumer of toys is composed of infants under 12 years, who not only receive this type of presents at Christmas and New Year. You also have to tell the child’s day, birthdays, baptisms, first communions, etc.

HOW?The first advantage of this business model is that you can mount it in an online format and complement it with a physical model (commercial store) or mobile (a stand that can be located within squares, fairs or bazaars). But first you must make good suppliers of legal toys, quality and that offer a wide variety, as well as competitive prices and credit. The rest will depend on doing your own development or joining ecommerce platforms ready to market your products.

CHILDREN: Emotions workshop for children

WHY?According to UNICEF, 62% of children in Mexico have suffered some type of abuse at home. In the school environment, at least 10. 1% of high school students have experienced the trauma of being assaulted, either physically or verbally. In this sense, more and more parents pay special attention to the emotional development of their children. Therefore, if you have training in child psychology and you are looking for other ways to increase your income, one option is to offer emotional workshops for children.

HOW?Rent a location near schools and residential areas mainly and invests in their adaptation, taking care of details such as decoration and furniture. This will help you build trust and empathy with your audience (both children and parents). To reduce the cost, you can invite other colleagues to be part of the project. While to position yourself in the market, the recommendation is to make alliances with educational centers and offer your specialized services, such as emotional evaluations and language therapies.

ECONEGOCIOS: Delivery of organic foods

WHY?The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) published that Mexico is the fourth largest producer of organic foods, with 2. 3 million producers and 169,000 hectares, with Oaxaca, Chiapas and Michoacán being the states that concentrate nearly 50 % of the area destined to this activity. If you are interested in being part of a market that in 2016 (to the month of April) exported mainly to the United States and the European Union US $ 49 million, then become a distributor of organic fruits and vegetables at home.

HOW?Get in touch with producers who have the National Organic Distinction issued by Sagarpa. On its website you will find a list of all of them, which will facilitate your search and provide guarantees to your buyers. Then, set up a portal where you publish your complete catalog, as well as a blog space with relevant content and contact information for your company. Program delivery of weekly or biweekly orders and offers several forms of payment. You can outsource the distribution or invest in the purchase of a utility vehicle.

ECONEGOCIOS: Dry carwash

WHY?Washing a car requires about 320 liters of water; therefore, the cost of cleaning more than 70,000 vehicles per month, as do the large companies in the field, is equivalent to 210 million of the liquid vital. The good news is that business models have emerged in this market that are eco-friendly. In this way, the car dry cleaning system was developed, a trend that has become popular in countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

HOW?You can start this business with a low investment, it is easy to assemble and requires operational personnel that will grow according to the demand of the clients. The added value of this center is that it uses dry cleaning products made from a polymer that encapsulates and lifts the dust particles. The auxiliary supplies are: buckets, flannels, brushes, sponges, polishing wax, degreasers and polishes. The choice of a good location will be key to success, such as shopping centers, supermarket parking lots, theaters or residential areas.

TECHNOLOGY: Mobile phone repair

WHY?It is estimated that Mexico closed 2016 with the sale of 35 million smartphones. The reason: it is becoming easier to get the latest technology at a relatively low price. To say of the firm IDC, a mobile device in prepaid mode, is quoted at about $ 2,800. This phenomenon has generated new needs in the users, such as repair services, software update, recovery and backup of information, and battery recharges at the moment.

HOW?An alternative for those who wish to undertake thanks to the wave of mass consumption of smartphones is to invest in a cell phone service and sale kiosk The advantage of this model is that it is low investment and can be located in commercial plazas where there is a high flow of people. Add value to your business with the sale of covers, protective micas, chargers and other items for mobile phones. You can also offer home and emergency service.

TECHNOLOGY: Drones rent

WHY?In recent years, drones have become a fashion that embraces a broad audience, from young people looking to spend hours of fun piloting via remote control to those who use them in photographic or film projects. The advantage of these devices is that there are different models in the market, and their characteristics can be customized: materials, motors, accessories, types of remote control, etc. And although most of the users can not acquire their own easily, they are willing to rent them for hours or days.

HOW?Contact suppliers to integrate a catalog of versatile models; then, set up a website and activate profiles on social networks to publicize your offer to two key audiences: children, young people and families looking for innovative entertainment options; and corporate clients (agencies and producers with the need to take aerial shots and videos but with limited budgets).

PETS: Camp for dogs

WHY?This new way of living with pets when treating them as part of the family has meant that more and more owners are looking to pamper them with clothes, accessories and other amenities, mainly luxury. A service that gains strength is the dog camp. Unlike a pension or training school, here dogs can coexist with nature in a controlled and safe environment. It is an experience for the new kings of the home.

HOW?It is necessary to have a property inside or outside the city, as well as having a special budget to make all kinds of adaptations to ensure the safety and comfort of dogs. The above includes: field areas for walks, dining room (with chef and diets included), basic hospital, gym, garden and individual houses. Consider at least two or three trainers or trainers, not forgetting a veterinarian head. And as demand grows in high seasons (holidays and weekends), personal support amount.

PETS: Pet Parties

WHY?It is estimated that the sale of products and services for pets in Mexico amounts to $ 2,300 million annually. In this way, pet owners spend between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000 a year on food and accessories for their dogs and cats. If you like animals, a good option to start is to offer the services of organizing parties for pets. This business idea consists of planning the celebration and providing everything necessary for the birthday boy and his guests.

HOW?You can operate from home if you have a garden or patio. Or, go directly to the house of the celebrant. Another important point is to look for suppliers of special food and drinks for pets, as well as decoration accessories. Service costs can start from $ 90 per guest and rise to $ 150, depending on the amenities – premium food, gifts, hiring an entertainer and DJ, etc -. Complement your offer with food, drinks and small gifts for pet owners.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Taquería drive – thru

WHY?For the fifth consecutive year, the tacos are located as the favorite dish of Mexicans. And it is a food accessible to all, since there are prices that do not exceed $ 10 per piece, to gourmet modalities that can cost up to $ 70. While it is true that it seems that selling tacos ceased to be a profitable business due to oversupply, it is also that there is an area of opportunity to add value to the offer. For example, the possibility that the client orders and consumes his tacos without having to get out of his car.

HOW?Make yourself a minimum of 80 m2 in a busy corner so that vehicles can enter, circulate and leave the establishment surrounding it freely. You must also have radio communication equipment, illuminated menu displayed outside the premises, a professional kitchen team and at least 10 employees of the plant. For standing guests you can offer on- site service, with tables and chairs, as well as a large bar with benches.


WHY?According to UBM Mexico’s Hospitality Portfolio calculations, 120 million pizzas are consumed annually in the country. This figure places Mexico as the second largest consumer worldwide, second only to the United States with 650 million. Currently, there are around 30,000 pizzerias nationwide. In the midst of this large quantity, the pizzeria format is one of the most profitable, since its added value lies in the sale of slices to take away.

HOW?Make yourself in a place located on a street very busy by pedestrians, preferably in a corner or near a park, schools or offices. In terms of infrastructure, consider an oven to make pizzas, shelves to store supplies, refrigerator for food and beverages, counter, cash register and a couple of tables with chairs. You will need a couple of employees: one who elaborates all the time the pizzas and the other concentrated in dispatching, collecting and giving attention to the client. In a second stage, it offers home service. We hope that this journey through the best opportunities in the market has awakened your entrepreneurial spirit. Now it’s your turn to take the next step.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?