10 Years from Now: a Letter to 28 Years Old Myself

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If I were to write a letter to the 8 year old me, I would sum it up in a few words: always be kind, don’t be afraid to be different, everything happens for a reason, enjoy the ride. I guess the 10 years from now me, would like a letter as well, so here it goes..

Dear 28 year old me,

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First of all, I hope you are happy. I hope you are still the person who feels everything so deeply, even though the concept of ‘feeling’ is considered a weakness in our generation, but to me is strength. This life is meant for pleasure, how can we enjoy everything by not feeling? I hope you consider yourself your own hero because I know you are a hard worker and always aim high. Are you still the person who sees the good in people? Hope you are, because this proves the positive side of you. Are you still passionate about music? Still openminded? You know I cherish understandable people..

Hope you are successful, because I am willing to work hard, even though have a million doubts about what the future holds. The term ‘future’ sounds scary... We imagine tons of illusions but what happens out of them usually turns out to be a surprise, doesn’t it? That’s what makes it so beautiful.

Do you remember these days? Remember the Friday night out’s with your friends, the laughs that would make your stomach hurt? Hope you still have the same best friends, they are worthy of keeping. Is your family proud of you? They are your biggest supporters, they expect a lot from you. Is your sister looking up to you? She is all grown by now..

Hope you have experienced love, the one that consumes you, passion and adventure. Hope you have found the person who is the first one you share news to, values you, completes you. You might be expecting a kid by now, are you going to be one of the cool moms?

Hope you are enjoying life as much as possible, hope you have visited cities, seen the beauty in different parts of the world, met people of other cultures. This life is long but yet so short, challenging but yet so pretty, so much beauty all around us, if we would only open our heart and feel it. I’ve heard the words: “The first rule of truly living: do the thing you are most afraid of”, the moments between the adrenaline and the action, moments that make our heart pound is the instant you are truly alive, you are truly you. In every moment a choice exists. We can cling to the past or embrace the beauty of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us. New days will come. The question is, will you control it, or will you let it control you? 

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