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One of most fallacies error that was submitted was the Appeal to Belief paradox. This is the point at which a greater part of the general population guarantee that one case is valid, so other individuals imagine that it must be valid. This occurred in the 12 Angry Men when everybody at first was throwing their votes. The vast majority casted a ballot blameworthy and one of the legal hearers, when inquired as to why he picked liable, said that the greater part of different ones picked non-liable so he additionally picked that. This is viewed as an error because of the way that in light of the fact that most of the populace is stating/doing it, it doesn't imply that its right. The hearer that said this reason can be viewed as submitting the Bandwagon misrepresentation also in light of the fact that he may fear what other will think or state about him in the event that he doesn't concur with them

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Another false notion that is submitted in the 12 Angry Men is the Hasty Generalization paradox. This error happens when a case is made about a populace, when the populace measure is excessively little, or such case can't be made because of most of the populace. This happened when one of the legal hearers guaranteed that the kid needed to have submitted the homicide since he was from the ghettos. This member of the jury declared that all individuals from the ghettos are hoodlums and since the kid is of ghetto root, he executed his dad. This is a rushed speculation in light of the fact that an individual can't state that since the vast majority of a populace has a specific trademark, a particular individual from that populace has that trademark also. This ought not be a type of proof.

A third error that I need to discuss that was submitted in this film was the Post Hoc false notion. This false notion says that one occasion is the motivation behind why another occasion happened. This is utilized in the 12 Angry Men somewhat extraordinary. In the 12 Angry Men, it is said that as a result of one occasion, another occasion needed to have happened with a particular goal in mind. It is said that the dad of the litigant used to beat the respondent. This is the reason a portion of the members of the jury state that the litigant needed to have murdered his dad. A portion of the members of the jury trust that the beating of the litigant gradually included and the respondent snapped and murdered his dad. This is a false notion since it doesn't demonstrate that the respondent in actuality killed his dad. It shows that it may have occurred, yet there is no strong connect to the occasions.

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