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12 Tips To Make Your Photos Always Perfect

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You like to take pictures, but you are not entirely convinced by your photographic skills? Some simple tips presented in this article will help you take pictures almost like a professional; you just need a little skill, patience and a smartphone. At Sympa we are sure that after reading this little guide, your photos will be a huge success.

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1. Pay attention to the background

A photo can be easily spoiled by a post that seems to come out of your subject’s head. These small details are not immediately noticeable, so you have to pay more attention. You can find a suitable background in any situation. For example, it may be the exterior wall of a garage, or a secondary entrance to an office, which at first glance does not look fantastic from a distance, but which closely underlines your subject. Try to find interesting materials and textures, even in the most unexpected places.

2. Heal the foreground

It turns out that on a close-up picture, the geometry of the image changes, distorting the appearance of the subject. The face resembles that of a hamster and it is then rarely advantageous. Slightly lower the lens and you will see that the image will be much more natural.

3. Find an original angle

Take our example as a reference. We have a beautiful carousel and a subject no less beautiful, how to combine them? Of course, it is possible to simply have it pose in front of the attraction and take the picture; but it can also be made a selfie against a dive: you will get a fun and subversive image, where you can see both the rounded roof of the carousel and the swing, and add a touch of vivacity. Do not be afraid to test new angles when appropriate.

4. Do not place the subject at the center of the composition

If you are photographing an isolated object, do not place it in the center of the image. Remember the rule of thirds, that the image must be divided visually into vertical and horizontal lines, at the intersection of which it is recommended to place the subject.

5. See the beauty around you

The subjects of the photos do not always need to be people or architectural works: the interesting objects to photograph are all around us. Sometimes a photo taken by chance can be a real masterpiece. Do not try to include everything in the picture at the same time: look at the world with curiosity and you will see how many simple and beautiful things are around us that are worth sharing.

6. Learn to capture the light

Good lighting is a fundamental element for a successful shot. The difference between these two photos lies in this principle: on the second, we were able to capture a softer light, so that the background has “faded” in the dark, and unnecessary details were concealed . Turn the camera a little, try to focus the light on the face. Do not forget that the lighting should fall on the subject and not go out from behind, otherwise you will get a silhouette against the light.

7. But do not exaggerate with the light

Conversely, too bright light can play tricks on you. Taking a picture in broad daylight is not easy, even for an experienced photographer. In addition, portraits in full sun force the subject to squint. So try not to take pictures during hours of strong solar radiation. Always look for the most natural and soft light, at the beginning of the day and at sunset.

8. Avoid HDR mode

HDR mode has had a high popularity on Instagram for a while, and there are still some photo editing apps that offer filters with this effect. But the HDR’s fashion is outdated today, and the artificial nature of photos suffers more.

9. Wait for the perfect moment to take the picture

To get the perfect shot, you have to know how to be patient. But capturing the subject at the right time is easier than using Photoshop afterwards to remove passers-by who are inadvertently in the frame. Wait a bit and you’ll have a better picture in your device!

10. Find the best angle for a selfie

Many photographers say that each person has a more “advantageous” profile, and that it should be given priority when posing. This is partly true, but not to always adopt the same pose on the photos, it is necessary to be imaginative and to find new angles. For example, you can lie on your back and have your picture taken from above. On the contrary, it is better to avoid low-angle photos, which are rarely successful.

11. Do not be afraid of uncomfortable postures to get a nice picture

Do you want to take a photo in macro mode or have a large structure fit in the frame? Do not be afraid to crouch down, lie on the floor, or stoop in an uncomfortable way: on the one hand, who cares what others think? And on the other hand, a beautiful shot is worth a little effort, is not it?

12. Each photo has its ideal angle

Finding the ideal angle with a full-length photo is a little more complicated than a selfie. To get it, it is better to ask someone to take your picture against the dive: this will increase your size considerably. However, it should be noted that this trick works best with thin subjects. With pictures where the subject is sitting, it’s very different. If you take the picture aside, you run the risk of obtaining a “flat” image, and if you take it from below, you risk a distortion of the image (in addition, a leg will be too close to the device, which is not nice at all). The result will be much better if the image is captured a little higher: in this way the proportions will be better respected, and the environment will integrate better with the image. Do you know other tips for taking successful photos? Share them with our readers in the comments!

Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?