12 Years a Slave: the Problem of Human Trafficking

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This is a movie worth watching several times, about human rights, about freedom, about human nature, about history, about faith, almost a lot of profound but closely related to human questions, it will let you know what is the greatness of martyrs, seems to better understand the meaning of liberation, which seems to be generalized, but stories separated from history can often cause a stronger shock in our hearts. A good film and television work must be handed down by word of mouth, of course, I hope it is not only a fleeting emotion, but also should be able to bring more thinking to yourself, arouse feelings about reality, life, and read other people's stories. understand your own life.

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Slavery is the subject matter of the heart of all black artists. The heavier it is, the more likely it is to play improperly, trying to work hard on the epic, but accidentally lose its personal style. Steve McQueen, whose elders have experienced slavery, has not only the ambition to make a slavery movie, but also a way to make it. 'I have been looking for a way to enter slavery, and then I found this book, Twelve years as a Slave, a free man who was sold as a slave because of kidnapping. Choose the perspective of the free body because, in fact, each and every one of us can be him. ' Such a choice was undoubtedly wise, and the audience was as strange to slavery as the deceived Solomon, so he saw the cruel details for the first time through his eyes. At the same time, it can also arouse resonance thinking, when the most fundamental dignity is violated, when all the original identity is deprived, how a person should recognize himself, how to exist in the extreme fate.

For twelve years, Solomon went from a naive self-confession to a quiet, humiliating life, to a chance to escape and give up, to as if he were going to believe that he was just a slave who had escaped from Georgia and was sold again. Someone died suddenly while working in Tanaka, and he sang sad spiritual songs with other slaves at the funeral. You and I are no different. The violin, which had brought him honor and a good life, was now a disgrace to him, and at last Solomon broke it with the names of his wife and children secretly engraved on it.

The most brilliant and distressing character in “12 years a slave” is Patsey, a little black slave girl. She was clever, she could pick the most cotton, she could weave little dolls out of corn whiskers, and she had big eyes like a wild mother beast. When everyone was forced to sing and dance in the middle of the night by drunken slave owners, she was the only one who danced happily, as if she knew no worry and shame. However, Patsey secretly asked Solomon at night to help her sink the lake and bury the body in an unknown place. At the end of the film, she was whipped on a stake, her back like a ploughed black ground, just because she wanted a bar of soap and loved to be clean. So she knows. For nearly ten minutes, Steve McQueen's long shot followed the slave owner's whip into the flesh of the abused slave girl until the last moment of fainting.

Twelve years have been painful. Solomon conceals his identity and retains his talent. Under such flogging and unfreedom, he can still generously believe that there is nothing wrong with the children of slave owners. Because it is a natural law for white children to assume that blacks are slaves from their birth worldview. On the other hand, black people who have been slaves for generations will also decide that this is their fate, because they are born to be owned by slave owners.

I think Solomon was finally able to return to freedom, in large part because he was a black man who was a free man, married, had children, and had a life of his own. Once owned, can make the feeling of freedom more real, the desire for freedom is also stronger; the second is Solomon's intelligence, and that firm belief. The arrival of the era of the industrial revolution, the retirement of the era of farmers, the growing voice of human rights awareness, the outbreak of new revolutions, the overthrow of slavery, and the real era of freedom were achieved by those innocent victims who constantly fought against them. this is a lucky time. 

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