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15 tips on how to smoke weed

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So yesterday as I was browsing through the world wide web I came across an interesting video of grandpas trying out pot for the first time. They were presented with three different items or paraphernalia as they called it and were completely boombazzled with them. Which gave me the idea to come up with a very helpful and useful blog; “First Timer’s guide to Smoking a weed” or “Weed for the dummies” or however you want it titled. Trying pot for the first time may sound scary, you’d want to look cool and chill and all but on the inside you’re not. And it’s ok, remember that there’s a first to everything. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to stress so much unlike when you try out a new routine at the gym for the first time nor it is a life and death situation where you jump off a cliff for the first time. It’s just pot and it’s going to be ok. So I think I’ve said enough and hoping I got you relaxed with the nitty gritty, let us now head on with the tips. So I tried to come up with some helpful tips and here are fifteen of them:

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Inhale, Exhale

-breathe. This is pretty natural thing to do specially if you’re still living, but trust me, you have to breathe. Just like any other activities (i.e: yoga, swimming, or even arts) breathing is the most basic step to begin with. Breathing properly sets your entire physique and being to relax. Relaxing will allow you to focus and enjoy each puff.

Weed everthing off, and begin with weed.

-eager as you may, mixing weed with other substance may still be a bit too much for you, for first timers, that’s you, it’ll be best to start off with just weed. Trying or smoking weed on its own introduces you to its core, lets you know the feel of weed and then you learn to control it. You know, it’s like dating someone, you get to know the person better when you spend some alone time with them, then you learn how to keep it going without ruining the momentum.

Ignore the hearsays

-many will try to scare you with their tell-tales of firsts or their horror stories about pot, but as long you keep yourself calm and collected, you are good. So brush off the negative vibes and start feeling the good!

Know the Law

-Marijuana, as much as we want it to be legalised all over the world, is still is illegal in so many countries let alone state. So it’ll be best to know where it is legal and not. You don’t want to be ending up in jail for the first time too, right? This will keep off the worry and let you enjoy your first puff.

The right place at the Right time

-ok, so it’s legal where you at. Now take control of your surrounding. Make sure you don’t and won’t be disturbing neighbors during your sesh, if you decide to smoke indoors, keeping some air fresheners will come in handy just in case you don’t want the stench to remain. It’s either you smoke or do something else and not the two. Remember, it’s your first time and everything’s gonna be new to you so it’s best for you to stay home or be home after your first pot sesh.

Be with someone

-just like other firsts, it is best if you do it with someone who’s had experience. It’s not like you need to be watched over or something but it can help you to stay safe. If you are thinking of having it with a group, you might want to check on whether you can handle this group’s different personalities. These people can influence your sesh. They can make it the best experience or things may go down south. So don’t just be with someone but choose wisely.

Know your Marijuana

-know which particular MJ you’d like to try on first. The internet is a either a bowl full of shit or a pot of gold, so take everything with a grain of salt when you decide to search on this matter. Ask your buddy about which MJ he tried first and how was it. Knowledge is power my friend!

Know your paraphernalia

-remember the granpops I was talking about earlier? One of them got pretty high early on because he went for the big hits compared with the other two. So it’s best to know which stuff will last you longer and which stuff will hit you hard sooner than expected. First timers are advised to avoid joints and opt for rolling papers. Joints can be very harsh to your lungs and very strong, rolling papers on the other hand is like a cigarette roll so it’s pretty easy on you and your lungs.

Do not rush

-5 minutes in to smoking and you don’t feel anything yet? That’s normal. Take things one a time, slowly and carefully. Enjoy each puff. It is really different for everyone, so it’s best for you to wait until it kicks in, trust me it will. Do not rush if you don’t feel something, it will come. Take your time and increase when needed. 20minutes should be the least amount of time you start to be feeling its effects so any time lower than that without effect should be fine.

Learn to say No

-do not be peer pressure. If you’re joining a group, set your boundaries and know when to stop. Learn to say no if you don’t want to smoke any more or if you feel something isn’t going well.

Plan ahead

-this may sound so drastic or melodramatic but planning ahead on who to be with, where to do it and when is cool. This lessens your worries and makes your first time less to none disastrous at all.

Have some food available

-every party’s got food so why not your first time to try pot? As one of MJ’s infamous side effect, youu’d likely to be hungry and having food ready and within your reach is a good idea. You don’t need over the top, 5 star michelin rated menu, chips will do. And water. Keep yourself hydrated.

Do not be greedy

-it may be your first time but that doesn’t give you the right not to pass on. So don’t hold it all to yourself and remember to share specially in a group.

Know where to get your stash

-unfortunately Marijuana is not available at 7/11’s or other 24hr convenience store, so know where to get yours ahead of time. If you’re living at a place where it isn’t legal, make sure you only ask trusted people so no one’s going to be a snitch.


-yes, what good is a first time if you don’t get to have fun? Relax, and just enjoy every hit. Let it take you to new heights.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?