1971 and 2001 Brian's Song. the Differences Between Versions

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Brian’s Song is an emotional, detailed story that tells the story of an important man named Brian Piccolo. Brian Piccolo is a running back for the Chicago Bears. While at the Chicago Bears training camp, he met Gale Sayers. When they first met they didn’t like each other that much. During the seasons they played for the Chicago bears they shared a room. This was the first time on the team when a black and white player would share a room. Through sharing a room they became really good friends. They later on found out that Gale is going to be starting halfback and Brian would be the backup for Gale. In one of the last games of the season Gale gets hurt pretty badly in his knee. Also during the season Brian got weaker and lost more weight. So the coaches decided to take Brian off the starting team. Afterwards he went to the doctor and it was found out he had cancer. The doctors told him that he would need to have surgery to remove the tumor on his right lung. Then, Brian finds out that he needs another operation to get rid of the rest of the tumor. While Brian was in the hospital Gale received an award for courage, he then decides to dedicate it to Brian. When Gale went to go see Brian the day of the operation he could tell that Gale was dying. The Brian Song 1971 and 2001 versions are very different when it comes to production1, realism2, and styles3.

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As for production1, in the 1971 version and the 2001 there was drastic differences. For example in the 1971 movie, Gale put mashed potatoes on Brian’s chair when he stood to sing his school’s fight song. But in the 2001 movie Gale didn’t do anything with mashed potatoes or Brian’s chair. [Then,] in the 1971 movie Brian didn’t go through any chemo treatments. But in the 2001 version he went through several harsh chemo sessions.

Realism2 was a big difference between the two movies. In the 1971 movie Brian never lost his hair. That could be due to the fact he never went through chemo in that movie. Because he did endure chemo in the 2001 movie he did lose his hair as expected. [Finally,] although there wasn’t that many racist jokes in the 1971 version there was still more than there was in the 2001 movie.

The styles3 within the movie matched more in the 1971 version than it did in the 2001. Probably because it was actually filmed during that time. For example, the clothes worn by the actors in the 1971 actually seemed real. Unlike in the 2001 movie, which the clothes seemed fake. Almost like a costume. [Next,] the cars seemed so off in the 2001 movie. It was like they didn’t even try. Well, they probably didn’t. But still, the cars were real in the first movie, those were the cars they actually drove everyday.

The Brian’s Song movies are both very good productions. Each had differences that made them better and worse. Both movies had a scene that was enjoyable. Equally they had a scene that was cringe-worthy. Although the acting was better in the 2001 movie, it didn’t really follow the original storyline. Vice versa for the 1971 version. I thought the whole Brian’s Song story was very interesting and different. It was definitely a change in the type of stories I prefer to read. But nonetheless it was really good.

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