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In the Novel “1984” by George Orwell, the story “Once Upon a time” by Nadine Gordimer, and the story “The Children’s Story by James Clavell the theme throughout all is fear.

“Once Upon a time” by Nadine Gordimer starts off a little cloudy by her explaining how she doesn’t need to write a children’s story, and then it cuts off to later on that night when she was startled by an unusual noise. Her brain then goes on a ramble about what the eerie noise could possibly be. Once Nadine has relaxed she starts to imagine a story to help her fall asleep. Throughout this story Nadine provides imagery of a modern fairytale home. Just like every fairytale there’s a evil villain and in this case the father/husband’s mother is a wise “witch”, and she gives advice to the family not to take anyone off of the street. As the story develops the family’s expectations on safety increase, they take all kinds of security measures to ensure their safety but also their demise. Later in the story the parents minds create a false insecurity about the neighborhood that they live in, so they end up making a seven foot wall around the house, and also having a electronic gate. Adding on to the lock down house the family needed one more touch to keep the world out. They put up barbed wire on top of the fence that later on caused their son with deep wounds because he wanted to be adventurous.

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This story along with the rest has a recurring theme of fear because the people in the development have been trained to be scared of outsider no matter who they are. This fear made them feel unsafe which then caused them to amp up their security measures. An example of fear in the passage is “Yet she was afraid that someday such people might come up the street and tear off the plaque YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED and open the gates and stream in…” This conditioning has a sort of control over they way they live their lives. They live their lives in fear. The author uses fear to express what lengths people go to for a safe feeling.

This short story was a plot twist, in the introduction the family and others were being described by positive words like “happy ever after” Or “loved” and even “trustworthy” . This had gave me false representation of how the story was going to continue or even end. The story then shifts to a more anxious and serious tone when Nadine talks about what is on the outside of the suburb. They’re riots and burglaries happening “buses were being burned, cars stoned,

and schoolchildren shot by the police in those quarters,” then another houses maid had got tied up and shoved in a cupboard. Seeing this happen has given them fear for their living situation, which then gives them motivation to block that section of people out of their happiness. And the consequence from trying to cover up the situation one of their own was hurt from the parents superstition. And the irony that was played out from the story is that the parents tried to protect each other but ended up hurting their son in the end.

Next is “The Children’s Story” begins with a teacher who is upset and fearful because of the “New Teacher”. When the new teacher enters the room the children are scared, but the new teacher reassure them everything is fine. As the story dives deeper the children are persuaded to start praying to their leader instead of their normal religion. The end result is they start praying to the leader only because the leader provided them with candy. But Johnny is the only one skeptical to accept the teacher theories. But Johnny does give in and learns to believe whatever his teacher says.

An example of fear that is provided in “The Children’s Story” is when the “New Teacher” is coming and the old teacher along with the students express fear everyone but Johnny isn’t scared. The reason Johnny isn’t scared is because his dad always said “Don’t be afraid, Johnny. If you fear too much, you’ll be dead even though you’re alive.” Maybe this is why Johnny’s father went missing. The author uses fear to show how dangerous it can be in society.This story shows multiple examples of fear being used.

Lastly is George Orwell with a book named “1984” where Winston Smith is a low rank member of a Party in the oceania area. Wherever Winston wonders the Party watches.,One of the main ways are through the tvs which are placed mostly everywhere. Even on the walls of London the Party’s leader Big Brother is plastered on the walls. This society is controlled from the past all the way to the newspeak. But the twist is thinking rebellious thoughts is illegal, just thinking anything with emotions is the worst crime. In the end thoughtcrime can lead to immediate exile. And Winston finds himself being rebellious at the worst time.

Symbolism pops up throughout the story and one of them is Winston diary. His creamed paper journal has caused a stir within Winston’s diary represents rebellion. This dairy has caused Winston to go against Big brother, he starts to express his feelings more. This diary soon gives him freedom, he can write whatever and doesn’t care. Some examples of fear in 1984 would be the fact that no matter where you go there’s always someone watching whether that be the telescreens or the thought police. “Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it, moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard.” Another example of fear in 1984 is the fact big brother has signs that say “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” With moving eyes that follow you. The way the author uses fear in “1948” is to make people behave in a way maybe they wouldn’t if they weren’t being watched all the time.

In conclusion all three of these pieces of literature have the common theme fear. They all use in in different ways though. Fear expressed in these stories helps thrive the plot, and it adds more depth to the story.

Editors verdict:
I have suggested alternatives to the existing title of the essay. Please see my comments above. The essay contains a lot of information but unfortunately, it requires some changes. The introduction confuses the reader and could be more clear with sentences that seem connected. It is also missing the thesis statement. The conclusion seems short and incomplete. The essay has mechanical and grammatical issues throughout. The essay is lacking in referring evidence to the book by citing the author’s last name and page number. We need to work on these issues, so your essay will be of a better quality in no time.

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