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20 Decoration Ideas With Cement Blocks

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With a touch of imagination, concrete blocks are a building element that can be used to decorate an interior and/or exterior space. They are solid, economical and can be found in a variety of shapes, textures, and designs. Here 20 decorating ideas are offered with cement blocks for the interior and exterior of the house. 10 decorating ideas with cement blocks for the interior of the house The versatility of the cement blocks allows them to be used as part of the furniture and as an aesthetic element. If they are seen with different eyes, they cease to be rough blocks to become practical design elements. Next, 10 decorating ideas with cement blocks for the interior of the house.

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From a simple library to an elaborate library, concrete blocks are useful for creating structures that contain objects. If used with wooden sheets, they can build shelves and storage spaces.

Low table

A pair of cement blocks can form an original coffee table for the living room. With a glass surface, wood or a little acrylic, this table will give your room a practical and carefree.

Space separator

Some cement blocks have a particularly attractive design. This allows them to create a very beautiful visual effect when viewed together. A space separator made with these blocks can also be an interior decoration element.


Concrete blocks are the ideal height for a nightstand. Alone or together with other materials, they form perfect surfaces to hold a book, a lamp or a glass of water beside the bed.


This original element is another practical example of decoration with cement blocks. Simply choose the appropriate block or adapt it to the reflector you wish to have. In this way, with a simple electrical installation, you will have a beautiful and functional lamp.

Benches to sit

The height of the cement blocks lends itself to the realization of practical and decorative seats. With a pair of cushions and mooring straps, you can build these solid benches.


Concrete blocks are ideal as table and desk bases. If you use it with a wooden surface or other material, you can give a special touch to your workspace.

Shoemaker base

This original sofa is a practical, economical and creative solution for furniture. Not only will you have a firm sofa, but you can also store your shoes in the holes of your base.


The cement blocks can be used to form shelves that serve as a pantry and / or other domestic storage space. These blocks are strong, durable and cheap. In addition, they will not be destroyed by termites and will support the weight without problems.

Furniture for television

This is a practical idea of decorating with cement blocks. If a good design is chosen and other materials are used, a solid piece of furniture can be built for television and other devices.

10 decorating ideas with cement blocks for outdoors

Cement is a material with ideal thermal behavior for outdoor use. It supports without deforming weight, rain, sun, cold and normal conditions to be in the open air. For this reason, it is more and more used to decorate exteriors. Next, 10 decorating ideas with cement blocks for the outdoors.

Outdoor kitchen

Concrete blocks are ideal for building complex structures like a kitchen. Accompanied by other materials, they can form an original kitchen perfect for the outdoors. Stairs If there are irregularities in the garden, some cement blocks may be enough to build a practical, rustic and safe ladder. With just leveling the ground and securing the blocks, you will have the steps of an ideal staircase for the weather.

Mini grill

Sturdy cement blocks can be used as miniature grids. Whether it’s a barbecue, a barbecue or a grill, with only a few blocks of cement and charcoal, you can roast meats and vegetables without a problem.

House of birds

A bird house on a suspended concrete block can not go unnoticed. It will be immediately occupied by the birds and you can relax in the garden listening to them singing.

Green wall

It’s a good idea to decorate with cement blocks. Take advantage of the holes to make pots and integrate them in different ways in the structure of a wall. With a little dedication, you can make a fresh green wall.

Outside separator

These constructive elements are ideal for separating spaces. If you choose the cement block with the right design, you will have a beautiful and solid separator. The holes will integrate the spaces and allow the air to function.

Outdoor bench

With a few wooden beams and a few blocks of cement, you can build a sturdy bench that can withstand the sun, wind, and rain without any problem. The possibilities are numerous and it is enough to adapt the design of the bank to the chosen space.


A wood fire made of cement blocks can bring your garden back to life during the winter months. It is easy to manufacture, clean and can be built around some benches also made of cement blocks.

Flower pot sculpture

Rigid and rectangular shapes of cement blocks are ideal for plastic experimentation. If you also incorporate living plants into the sculpture, you will have a beautiful object ideal to embellish an outdoor garden. I met here the 9 best plants to decorate the exteriors.

Outdoor lamp

You can use candles or electric light to make a beautiful outdoor lamp. The holes in the concrete blocks are perfect for putting sources of light that will give the garden a special night atmosphere.

How to paint cement blocks

A little color can change the appearance of the blocks. To paint on cement, simply clean the surface and choose the most appropriate type of paint. You can use brushes, rolls or sprays, depending on what you have in mind. Outer oil paints and clear films work better. For cement blocks inside the house, water paints are recommended.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?