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Almost all of us every day spend a lot of time and money on making the skin perfect. But sometimes it happens that hiking in the spa, super-expensive creams and serums do not work. Instead of plunging into despair, carefully study your daily beauty-routine. It is possible that just one minor detail, which you could not even think about, does not allow you to reach the level of “dream skin”.

Proper Cleansing

Dermatologists knowingly so persistently talk about the importance of daily cleansing of the skin. However, many girls are still confident that micellar water or milk for removing make-up is enough for such a ritual.

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This is a fatal mistake that not only does not purify, but also badly damages the skin. The fact is that these products remove makeup, but at the same time rub away the dirt on the surface. The result will not slow down to appear – dull skin, redness, inflammation, clogged pores and acne. Remember the simple step-by-step instruction on skin cleansing:

  • Removing makeup;
  • removal of excess sebum and contamination with a gel, foam or oil for washing;
  • Exfoliate the skin with peeling or scrub (but do not turn it into a daily routine
  • listen to the skin’s needs);
  • “closing” of pores and preparation for further care with a tonic. Less sweetDo you know what dermatologists recommend to patients with problem skin in the first place? Completely eliminate sugar, flour and sweet fizzy drinks from the diet. And it helps in a few weeks
  • the manifestation of acne decreases several times, the skin becomes more smooth and radiant. The fact is that sugar is the main provoker of inflammation on the face and body.


The simple truth “we are what we eat” is sometimes forgotten even by those who tirelessly care about beauty and health. And wanting to do everything, often between fast food and baked vegetables with feta, we choose the first. Enrich the diet of ever-busy girl-millennials can be with the help of additives from the inside. All the necessary micro and macro elements for the qualitative growth of hair and nails, an impeccable condition of the skin can be found in the vitamin complex Orthomol Beauty of the German brand Orthomol.


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