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5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Skyrocket Your Online Sales For 2020

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Digital marketing is a fast & dynamic landscape where our morning starts with e-newsletters and our night ends with social notifications or emails. So, to boost brand awareness or increase sales, a digital marketer must be up to date with recent trends, technologies or strategies. The digital marketing strategies will decide how good or bad your company will do in the long run. From controlling daily appliances with an app to search using voice command, technology is everywhere. With invention of newer technologies, digital marketing strategies are also changing rapidly. Here is a sneak peek of some of the top 5 digital marketing strategies for 2019:

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Voice Search

AI-Powered solutions

AR & VR – There Isn’t Just One Reality Anymore

Video marketing

Content is the boss!

Voice search

A recent study conducted by Klick shoed that by the year 2020, 30% of the total web browsing will be done without touching the screen. Moreover, 50% among that 30 % will be conducted via voice search. Amazing right? Voice will play an essential role in the search engines. As a result, search engines have to change to coup up with the search forms. Voice search is also very crucial because it is the best tool out there which helps a user multitask. People use voice search while driving, cooking or in between any other task because it’s easier and quicker than typing. Latest devices are increasingly using voice search as a searching tool. Example of such devices is ALEXA, SIR, Cortana, etc. Majority of the users are still unaware of voice search’s potentials so the overall users will increas surely. Smart devices with dedicated voice search interface are expected to arrive within 2019. Implementing voice strategy for Voice search is one of the top digital marketing strategies of 2019. Taking a step right now for optimizing voice search result will boost your future digital marketing strategies for 2019.

AI-powered Solutions:Some speculate that AI will be the alternative of human in different aspects of life & already the process has been started. It’s the tool of the future which has brought some of the coolest technologies. Such as Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Government and consumer are working closely to deploy AI-powered solutions. Companies now use AI as an essential part of their business, and the overall use of AI has increased by 61%. Big enterprises have already seen the AI as an important part of their management. Marketing sector will also be a place where AI will bring massive changes. The most well-known use of AI is the chatbot at the messenger. AI also has the ability to bring personalization to the advanced level. You will get the user experience you want, and AI will create it based on your interest, attention and click. Using AI-powered solutions will be the best digital marketing trend of 2019

AR & VR – There Isn’t Just One Reality Anymore Augmented and Virtual Realities, simply known as AR & VR are the most recent technological trends. Though both of them somehow lost the attention because of their same nature. At Augmented Reality, a user finds objects in their real-life environment and at VR. the user becomes part of a custom-made environment. Brands are already using AR & VR to embrace its power as marketing tools. The expected market size of VR and AR will be 27 billion is 2019. Using AR & VR to create a reality where the brand will be able to promote or sell their products.

Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for any brand. In the year 2019, approximately 80% of the online content will be a form of visual presentation of something. The videos will be the highlight of any marketing venture in 2019 because you will receive a message in the form of a video. The video will also provide entertainment so the message will be blended in the entertainment for a long-lasting effect. A perfectly scripted video along with apt audio will help companies reach their target audiences for brand growth. With the rapid expansion of smartphones and high-speed internet is the key behind the massive popularity of video content. Some video clips become larger than life and spread like a viral content. Short videos also make message communication more efficient & more enjoyable. The best part of the video content is it’s easy to produce & doesn’t need any high cost. A smartphone is enough to create highly engaging video content. Some tools can make your video more enjoyable. Video marketing is now one of the top digital marketing strategies to boost your online sales.

Content is the boss!When FB ad or GDN arrived, ad agencies become hungry and start investing money to showcase the brand. SEO or especially the importance of content becomes less important. Who will invest resources behind content when you can appear at the top of the search engine by SEM? However, there is an end of everything. SEM became very costly, and FB ads became less effective. Companies started the asking question why. At the end of 2018, we all realized how important the content is. Search Engines also started to emphasize content. Moreover, now at 2019, we all will admit that content is the king. Still, SEO produces the majority of the traffic for a website. So 2019 is the year of content. Brands now put more trust in reputable content instead of relying on advertisements. The more engaging, interesting & informative the content is, the better the chance to be popular.

Some of the key facts about the content:

Regular blogging & content increases your traffic rate five times

80% internet visitor prefer good quality content over cheap solutions

85% marketer believes that good content can make a marketing campaign successful

Visual content will reign more than blog or article contentThe content was & is one of the most superior and effective digital marketing strategies of 2019, and it will continue to do so near future. 2018 is almost at the end it’s still time left to work on the digital marketing strategies to skyrocket your online sales. People are now busier than ever and engaged with social sites more deeply. Tools for reaching your audiences are now very easy. It’s both a blessing and curse because anything that is good will spread faster as like as anything that is bad. That’s why it’s high time to emphasize more on the digital marketing strategies rather than other traditional tools of marketing.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?